Find Your True Purpose

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So much is written about finding your purpose.  You can take a course in it, carry out someone else’s directives, and spend lots of time fundamentally obsessing about “what is my true purpose????”…

Lots of clients ask me about this.  Beyond the ongoing hype, it is a question that surely reflects our human desire to live a life of meaning, soul fulfillment and creative service. 

Spread Your Soul’s Wings, and Achieve Your Desire to Create

I think of true purpose as one’s calling to share, work and create in life.  I believe it is meant to be a sacred, heartfelt offering to the world as well as a legacy to reflect the real value of life.

In that spirit – and to support your desire to unleash your authentic spirit’s desire to “spread its wings” and soar to create your highest vision (from having plumbed the depths of your soul!), I offer the following recommendations, which will also powerfully support self-healing and development…

Three Questions for Self-Healing, inner Guidance and Actualization

Take each question into a deeper reflective place within, and, following whatever happens inside you, record your experiences:

  • What really turns you on?  What turned you on as a child?
  • How do you imagine yourself helping in the world?  The sky’s the limit…
  • Imagine as well you becoming the person you dream about being.  Then imagine that person creating, giving back to the world, becoming even greater…

The Real Operative Base of True Purpose

Your inner meditative journeys and journaling relatedly identify your true purpose.  Now consider what you have done and are doing in your life that reflects any of these imaginings, and list them.

What we acknowledge strengthens and extends our soul’s choices and focus, expressing and further defining our true purpose.  In addition…

Three Core Ongoing Truths of Being

Living is our true purpose. 

Facing the challenges of our lives reflects and activates our true purpose.

Hearing how we’ve helped defines our true purpose.