Free How to Meditate Class Nov 15, 2-3:30pm in Rochester!

Meditation for Centering, Self-Healing: A Free Transformational Wellness Class image from

Sunday Nov 15, 2-3:30 pm at Tea Licious Trendz, 489 Plank Rd, Webster 14580

You really can simply and effectively learn to meditate and:

*Establish a regular practice to profoundly erase body-mind stress

*Achieve lifestyle balance and self-healing

*Promote transformational self-care

Experience and integratively practice my simple and successful three-step wellness approach. 

Meditation is a practice of wellness transformation that:

· Regulates and expands the breath

· Bathes all parts of the body and mind in wellbeing and release

· Opens authentic and uniquely individual spiritual connections, intuition and creativity

· Clears and uplifts thinking

· Is a unique “get away from it all” with no cost, external requirements, or side effects

Class includes handouts and availability to purchase my Centering Tools™ guided meditation audios as additional aids. To register call Cynthia Evans, owner of Tea Licious Trendz Tea and Wellness shop at 585-727-1457.