Become Great

The Real Meaning and Challenge of Personal Growth

So much of my work, I’ve understood from the beginning, involves personal growth as the key to self-healing and empowerment.  It really involves becoming greater, which is the only way to overcome challenges and stuckness – and the only way to “match” yourself with the opportunities you envision.

How can we become who we’re not?  The central magnetism that lifts us wider and higher to experience this miracle occurs when we fully surrender to that which we come to recognize is greater than who we are – and allow it to change and move us where it will.

GreatnessYour Call to Greatness – for Yourself and the World

 Yes, this calls us to go beyond ourselves whether we like it or not, whether we even believe we have the capability to sacrifice ourselves to what has – at times quite mistakenly – been called The Cause.  We can think of this as a spiritual or humanitarian cause, or simply view it as having no choice but to give our all to what our core sense of integrity and soul tells us is right, to “make right”.

Our broken and terrorized world has a lot of significant and crisis-ridden causes that desperately need to be actualized, not only to create a better, right world that acknowledges and supports us all as sacred, but to be able to even survive.  It seems that isn’t enough, though, to “grab hold” of us individually to then be able to set all this in motion.

Ten Questions to Uncover Your Potential for Greatness

I think what has to happen is that we experience a true inner calling that we simply can’t ignore, even if we try with all our might, in the most deeply personal way.  Without question we are all meant to become greater and support the greater good; and to be free to engage in whatever our individual quest becomes, to do that creatively and uniquely.

Here are some questions to uncover what your true calling is to Become Great:

1.   What keeps coming up inside you that tells you what you’re supposed to address?

2.   How about how to make something right?

3.   How about being, doing better for yourself?

4.   For someone else?

5.   For something else?

6.   What are the top five things you feel – and have felt for awhile in some way – you should overcome?

7.   How about the world?

8.   What do you think the world most needs? 

9.   If you had more power than you think you have to create what you feel will make your life better, what would you create?

10.  What do you think it would take to sustain this?

Here is the Meditative and Journaling Focus to Complete to Find the Real Answers

Now settle back into a deeper, uninterrupted, meditative state and focus on each question in turn, taking additional time to record what happens inside you during each one of these inner “dives” before going to the next.  Also record your insights.

For questions 7 and 8, consider your answers as also describing in some way your challenges to overcome, your greatest need to develop, and again, record your impressions.

For questions 1-6, 9 and 10, consider how your answers also describe what you understand to be key needs for the world to make it a better place, again recording your impressions.

The Truth About What “Matches” – and Outcomes

Real resolutions to everything only occur as win-win or lose-lose.  Everything “matches” in the multidimensional universe through its spiritually operative, infinitely creating and growing core.

We are all meant to become greater, and to support the greater good.  In this time of final harvest and completion as we move beyond fall toward the new year, I invite you to take your own authentic leap toward greatness…and ask the universe to support you in any and all ways.

Life Crises Always Offer Gifts of Greatness

Crises offer us opportunity for greatness.  We also have the power to freely choose and create our experience to support our heart and soul-determined desires.

May the life adventures that carry the most meaning, higher guidance, healing and happiness grab you in ways you can’t ignore…and lift you up and out to all that you need, want and deserve.

Namaste, Marjorie