Experience the Two Central Keys to Emotional Recovery

Are You Willing to Admit? Emotional Recovery Therapy

It is not an accident that these are the core elements of the 12 step program founded by AA – admittance and responsibility as ethics.  My mother would have said these are the core elements of being a mensch – a person of character.

Religions dictate to us if we don’t act like a mensch we will be divinely punished.  The bible is full of those stories. 

We Are Held Responsible to Determine and Live By Our Ethics

In order to heal and develop, though, we must be willing to face ourselves through our core center, allowing that center to reveal what recovery programs also call our higher selves – and to listen to what our higher selves reveal to us about who and what we are and the effect of our choices, not only to ourselves, but to the world in which we live.  Our higher selves do not accept excuses regarding the shaping of our choices.

We are always free to choose.  That is the operative law of the spiritual universe and it transcends all else.

Admittance and Ethics Sustain and Set Our Spirits Free

What that means is that we receive the consequences of our choices whether we admit it or not.  When we admit, though, it sets us free.

When we emotionally recover and become free, we become who and what we really are, with full power to sustain, support, and act in our core authentic potential to create.  I believe we are “hard wired” as human beings to create that whish supports the greater good.

You Really Can Connect With Your Higher Self

This comes from a foundation of being that will support and allow for that beyond agenda, defensiveness, rationalization, demand, externalization.  I invite you to try the following guided meditation within these key areas of focus to access your higher self and utilize its power to set you free to recover your own wholeness – to grow as you were truly meant to be:

Settle back into a comfortable, supported, relaxed, aligned position and close your eyes.  Count ten full, deep breaths to yourself, imagining these breaths lead you into your core center.

Your Higher Self Can Reveal Its Ethics to You

For these next several breaths, as you inhale say to yourself the phrase “open higher self”, imagining your higher self appears before you.  Ask your higher self to reveal to you its core ethics.

Then open your eyes and record this.  When you have finished, once more close your eyes and return to your vision in your “center” with your higher self present.

Your Higher Self  Unconditionally Loves and Accepts You

Imagine your higher self says it is time for you to admit whatever you sense you haven’t fully or ever admitted about yourself – your behavior, its effects on you and others that have interfered with the greater good (note: this includes yours!).  Further imagine your higher self completely envelops you in a place of unconditional love and receiving; and through that envelopment you are completely led to open and admit all that now reveals itself to you.

When you come to a sense of completion for now, easily and gently return to full waking consciousness and record your entire experience, beginning with the phrase “I now admit…” When you’ve finished, settle back and read all that you’ve written, recording any additional insights that may occur.

You Are Held Accountable to the Choices You Make

Core ethics require that we do whatever it takes to change accordingly through our admittance and conduct ourselves accordingly.  We deserve, and do – courtesy of the spiritual universe – experience the consequences of whatever our choices are at a core level and through all connected experiences. 

The emotional recovery that occurs through admittance and acting from our higher selves’ ethics restores peace, clarity, freedom, personal power, awareness, and wholeness.  Admittance and complying through how we live our lives with our core sense of what is universally right  is the backbone of all self-healing, personal growth and the betterment of the world.

Accountability Guides Us to Healing and Development

If we cannot face ourselves and understand the consequences we have experienced in our lives we remain trapped at a stunted, blind, struggling, reactive, violating level of being.  Everything has its price.

Admittance and operative personal ethics without condition requires daily commitment and practice – a lot of work!  This work moves us to a higher, freer, more expanded place of inner power and offers opportunities to give and receive love, be more fulfilled and at peace, and aligned with the greater good.

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