Interview with ROC Metaphysical

Spiritual and metaphysical online magazine resource in Rochester, NY

Check out ROCMetaphysical. It’s a monthly online publication and events resource focusing on spirituality and local practitioners. According to the owner Pam of ROCmetaphysical its origins story kind of resembles how my practice got started in 1987, with a need and a message.

For holistic based health providers it’s always important to bookmark local resource because these things can be quite scattered.

I was lucky and happy to do an interview a few years back with ROCMetaphysical – so please check out this video to learn more.

Learn more about my business and the holistic practices via my recent interview over at the ROC Metaphysical YouTube channel!

Rocmetaphysical is an online monthly publication that focuses on spirituality and metaphysical practitioners local to the New York state area.

If you’re looking for spirituality related events locally in and around Rochester, NY be sure to check out the event directory at