The Initial Consult

15 min and free

An initial consultation is always free for prospective clients. This is where I’ll provide you with an opportunity to discuss what’s going on in your life, your medical history, your personal history, and what goal(s) you may have.

Call (585) 210-9827 to schedule a free consult

I’ll ask you about what kinds of experience you have or what you know about some of the holistic healing and therapeutic methods that I’ve used for decades on hundreds of clients, including therapeutic counseling (e.g. regression, recovery and psychodynamic/insight-oriented therapies) and holistic and/or alternative paradigms (e.g. Reiki, hypnosis, guided meditation, deep relaxation techniques, and more.)

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I often coordinate with other healthcare and/or wellness providers, and can usually provide suggestions for resources and/or other providers as well. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a free consult!