Organizational training services

This post will summarize Marjorie’s services to nursing, advocacy groups. nonprofits, and corporate work.

We know that healthcare providers work hard to meet the needs of clients and staff.

Yet, there are situations where people could benefit from additional attention and help.

As a psychiatric nurse clinician, offering a variety of counseling educational employee development and integrated holistic services, the following programs and services are available:

  • Counseling for clients of any age, couples, families and groups

Employee development and educational programs for schools businesses hospitals and other health care facilities, human services organizations and professional associations

  • Support groups and advocacy For clients with a wide variety of needs and interests
  • Educational and self-help materials including audios, books, and self study courses

For over 37 years of practice in the Rochester, NY area I have developed a high level of expertise in hypnotherapy, meditation, relaxation, imagery, Reiki, therapeutic healing touch, insight oriented and problem solving counseling and journaling, crisis intervention, grief counseling, regression, behavioral counseling, breaking addictions (recovery) and wellness and lifestyle balancing/stress management