Upcoming online workshop

Celebrate the spiritual significance of the last new moon of 2023.


Join me in the wake of the last culminating New Moon in 2023 to explore and experience at an energetic level going forward as Being Higher to enter a generating sacred circle with like-minded participants .
In our accelerating, newly peaking times, we are all correspondingly stimulated to clarify and confirm our right intent to go higher for greater resolution.
We sense this is our unfolding path to breakthrough transcendence to freely receive, and more consciously co-create, all of our greater good through revealing radical core shifts.
The functionality of these explorations reveals itself in progressively synchronistic ways within our newly challenging times to:
***Move ourselves into greater alignment with infinite consciousness
***Access and develop greater conscious awareness of what we truly WANT/NEED/KNOW what most greatly facilitates well being; and SEE WHAT IS GETTING IN OUR WAY to realize – IN ORDER TO RELEASE IT
You will experience a whole new Greater Self in heightened awareness, freedom to choose, personal power . . . realization of spiritual belonging . . . and evolving capability to choose – at an energetic level – FLOW to shapeshift and regenerate BEINGNESS.
Cost: $43.00 includes handouts and my channeled guided meditation,
email [email protected]/
Or call 585-210-9827 with questions and to register – all bank cards accepted, check payable to Marjorie Baker Price.