How to “Pick Up” from a Surprisingly Greater Space When Your World Crashes

The First Order of Business is to Admit Times Have Changed and It’s All Beyond You for the Moment

It has been a while, sadly, since I have seen my way clear to once again writing blog entries.  I have been overseas half the month of May.  More significantly, since the first of the year I have been centrally engaged in mightily trying to “be my own best customer”, as I frequently say, through being truly overwhelmed in experiencing not one but two major personal crises involving my aging parents and resources. 

The dust has somewhat settled along with the “shakedown” of both of them this month, and so I am endeavoring to get “back in the saddle” and share some of my accompanying self-healing and development odyssey.  This last is a good word to use regarding my overseas travels, which happened to force me to stay in Athens the day of the general strike the beginning of May.

We Don’t Live in a Vacuum Even if Experiencing a Major Crisis Leaves Us Feeling That Way

I’m wanting to offer you my top ten insights, personal growth and “surprising survival” gifts that have emerged from my now six-month experiences that have shattered and recreated me in what now is a higher, lighter, freer and more empowered space.  I have recently also been considering, speaking of current events and my Greece adventures, how profoundly unsettling and pivotal the environmental, political and social crises that have been particularly occurring now are for us all in the world. 

I envision the earth as a ricocheting  and radiating circle, with us as individuals in the center, receiving the larger “shock waves” from our communities and the whole world as we are now fully entering what looks to be a “long, hot summer” of environmental crises; with financial supports, at least in my neck of the woods residing in New York State, seemingly unavailable.  So here’s what I’ve learned about breaking apart, regrouping, and recreating:

Ten Terrible Gifts of Transformation

1.  Everything has its cycles whether we like it or not.

2.  If we are functioning in an inherently imbalanced situation, the energy of that experience, like all experiences, continues to build until it reaches whatever its own unique crescendo is – and then it falls apart.

3.  When that occurs, it touches a corresponding core fear within us, so we also fall apart.

4.  This is a pivotal opportunity to let go, which events and the universe seem to demonstrate is required, with the divine goal to offer us a “clean slate” and “fresh start”.

5.  This is a very critical time when whatever doesn’t belong in creating a true new beginning from a higher level of function, awareness and freedom needs to be completely cleared – and generally a time of experiencing significant personal (“growing) pain through the process.

6.  One feels the Self one understood and defined as Who I Am is fundamentally destroyed, and it is common to feel overwhelming despair.

7.  It is tremendously helpful at this time to reflect on where you think you are in experiencing the five stages of grief, which are denial, bargaining, anger, helplessness/hopelessness and acceptance; as well as to ask your authentic sense of your higher power to guide you to whatever wants to be forgiven – especially yourself.

8.  It is also critically important to take care of yourself in simple, basic ways, and stop doing whatever is truly beyond you and isn’t necessary for your survival, during this time of delicate and unique transition.

9.  Having extended support is key; and what is also key is to be able to decide for yourself what your sources of support really are in this breakthrough time, and to avail yourself as much as possible to have those, realizing it can be especially hard to ask for support, but very empowering – and therefore part of what wants to heal and develop as greater parts of who you’re becoming.

10. Don’t bother expecting anything regarding results – instead, seek to think as clearly as you can about what is the right thing to do to necessarily deal with the situations at hand, and put all your energy and effort into acting accordingly.

How to Create Higher Healing Directives

Now that you’ve read through this list, go back and journal about what comes up inside you as you focused on each number.  When you’ve finished, settle back, take several deep breaths, close your eyes, and during the next several breaths you take, as you inhale say to yourself the phrase I’m becoming greater; and as you exhale say to yourself the phrase I am free to choose.  Experience whatever occurs inside you, and then return to full, waking consciousness and open your eyes, recording your insights.

On a separate sheet of paper write the following single words, one to a line and one beneath the other  When you’ve finished, go back and complete whatever seems to come up inside you to create five sentences: 

Be __________________________________________________________________________ 

Forgive _____________________________________________________________________

Allow _______________________________________________________________________

Dare ________________________________________________________________________

Accept ______________________________________________________________________

You have just written your higher vision for yourself and this “ready to be born” next chapter in your life.  I invite you to accept the therapeutic and spiritual challenge you’ve just now laid out for yourself, from yourself; and to commit to carrying out these five sacred and special commands, trusting that as you do so, you will offer these as gifts to whoever is part of your radiating world circle.  These become your contribution to supporting the great developmental shifts that we’re all meant to fully participate in and correspondingly create to be able to build a compassionate, aware global community of effective sharing and caring – the “only way to fly”.