How Much Power Do You Really Have?

The Only Way We Can Truly Heal and Become

This central question is really the key to self-healing, creating, awareness, the freedom to choose well, and relationship.  It is the central reported struggle, whether it is described in this way or not, with pretty much all of my clients.

I see it as a recovery struggle to regain wholeness and become fully integrated, both within and without.  I see us all understandably challenged, as we live in a world that says a lot to us about how much power we do and don’t have – and  judges it all – that in and of itself sets the stage for multiple, complicated and escalating power struggles.

Loss of Power Profoundly Damages

Power struggles are immensely damaging.  They create horrific stress and dysfunction; destroy self-esteem; fuel hopelessness and victimization; and set the stage for all kinds of violation and acting-out behaviors.

Fundamentally the power of our breath, translated as spirit from the original Hebrew, Latin and Greek roots, is our source of power.  Our breath – and ourselves – need to be free-flowing to sustain us and our lives.

The World’s and Our Beliefs Can Destroy Power

Whatever truly limits our source of power, which always involves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expression and balance, stops us from becoming whole and who we were really meant to be.  Our world tries to “sell us a bill of goods” by attempting to legitimize in all kinds of ways sources that actually limit personal power. 

In addition, our own faulty belief systems, created from unhealed traumas rooted in our early past, profoundly limits our personal power.

A Journaling Exercise to Recover Personal Power

I invite you to settle back, take several deep, cleansing breaths, and consider whatever you think and feel in this moment limits your power.  Start making this list, taking as much time as you need to complete it.

When you’ve finished, make another list, with each item you now describe as being the exact opposite of your first list.  For example, if you wrote on your first list, “I don’t have the money to pay all my bills”, on the second list write, “I have the money to pay all my bills”.

We Have the Power to Transform

When you’ve finished, title each list My Beliefs.  Then read through everything you’ve written and record any insights which occur.

Now how do you feel?  Here’s the real kicker:  Feelings are the inner key to personal power.

Power is Infinite, and Everywhere

They don’t lie, and we can only create in physical reality, as can the spiritual universe partnering up with us, what is true.  Power through all ancient spiritual traditions was understood to be the source of life, infinite, and everywhere.

The phrase universal life force energy continues to be described around the world as chi, ki, prana, great spirit, and in the current resurrection in pop culture of the smash hits of the seventies and eighties, the force.  Power is the generative as well as the creative center of our being, and our source of balance and transformation.

How to Restore and Expand Your Infinite Power

In other words, we can’t live well – achieve wellbeing – without it.  When we heal, develop and compassionately create, our power exponentially increases.

This is our true birthright and our core challenge to “put right” for ourselves and our world.  Namaste, Marjorie