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The Greatest Gift – Hope – and How to Access It in All Circumstances

Hope is meant to be experienced as its own unique element – ongoing and separate from all the other ways we deal and authentically respond to living all aspects of our lives.  So in addition to being emotionally free, we need to free, in order to unleash, our authentic selves – it’s all we’ve really got, anyway.

What Is The Real Self-Healing And Empowerment Opportunity of Thanksgiving?

I invite you to give love away equally (everything only exists in a real state of balance) to your own power to understand and receive it, as your greatest gift to your own betterment and the only real translation of what you truly can “give away” – because you own love now through your greater and deeper understanding of what it truly is – to a desperately needy, unloved, broken world as your offering of healing and power.

In great blessings and through all loving connections – enjoy Thanks-giving . . .

How to Release Greater Compassion in Your Life In Order to Be More Greatly, Fully Present

When We Know What Gets in the Way of Being More Compassionate in Our Lives We Open The Door to Healing and Success In my work lately with clients I have heard more and more, within their key processes of growth, emerging awareness about the transformational power of being more greatly and unconditionally present in […]