Breathe in Light – Transcendent Choice, Care and Healing in the Time of Corona

These are beyond troubling times.  In these – the current word to describe coronavirus’ world-wide outbreak is pandemic – and peaking times, we acutely search for meaning as keys to responding and resolving.

To uncover meaning and transcendent ways to cope, heal, protect, and grow through and beyond is all of what I want to offer – and as as a working definition of empowerment and transformation. 

Breath is Light Audio August 12

What to Do, Let Alone How to Live and Be, in Corona World

Coronavirus heroThese are beyond troubling times.  In these – the current word to describe coronavirus' world-wide outbreak is pandemic – peaking times, we acutely search for meaning as keys to responding and resolving.

To uncover meaning and transcendent ways to cope, heal, protect and grow, through and beyond, is all of what I want to offer – and as a working definition of empowerment and transformation.  In addition, of course clients have asked me about all this – and also of course, as are we all – I too am in the midst of it, amidst peaking concerns of who I most love, and us all.

Pandemic Anxiety . . . Dysfunction

Massive anxiety as a primary response to feeling threatened without key solutions entwines like its own virus in the mix of "flight/fight/freeze".  What a prescription for dysfunction . . . which dictates all that plagues us (of course coronavirus, speaking of related experiential meaning, reminds me of the Black Death/bubonic plague that reduced Europe's population during the Middle Ages by nearly half – maybe more), ongoing, in the world. 

Dysfunction terribly, tragically reflects powerlessness and pitches endless quick fixes that bargain and increasingly erase conscience and consciousness.  Delusional "others" are fabricated as an excuse to dominate and endlessly force submission that destroys everyone. 

The Truth About Codependency

Specifically codependency results with its lock-in triangle of victim, persecutor, rescuer – and massive degeneration of heightened awareness, personal power and freedom to choose – my longstanding titled real substitutes for the entangled, endlessly used, nonexistent and therefore conflict-ridden word CONTROL.  How to breathe through layers of present and past trauma is required to more greatly understand and be in the best position to survive, support the greater good, and develop; which I continue to believe is all our "karma" – and mutual gift for and with each other throughout all the adventures of our well-lived lifetimes – some of which are terrible, tragic challenges, ultimately meant to further force learning and equally peaking, miraculous results.

This always hard-won choice offers ways to become better, just like research in 2014 said after studying the remains of who survived the plague.  It noted a significant increase in longevity and overall health, and relatedly improved quality of life and societal functioning than before. 

What Are the Real Operative Rules of Life?

Speaking of core meaning, the great rules, as I call them, of how life really is are so profoundly and centrally driven home with the unleashing of coronavirus:

1.  Life is endlessly precarious – and regarding its specific course, unpredictable.

2. We are all the same, just humans – no better or worse than each other – in being subject to life's possibilities.  THERE ARE NO OTHERS OR WAYS OUT other than death, which remains mysterious, coming in its own way and time to us all.

3.  In peaking times and circumstances, in all kinds of ways, related "explosions" occur which always produce "reset"results.  In Star Wars terms, resistance is futile . . . but we are enormously, potentially and endlessly adaptable in our creative wherewithal to ride those waves that seek higher resolution.

4.  All real resolution, which is an inevitable completion of major cycles of change, are "win-win" – there is no "win-lose" – that is not completion, just perpetuating dysfunctional versions of more of the same real causative factors. 

5.  Within our real human potential there is always core possibility to find our way through embarking on our own uniquely heroic journeys, speaking of the key messages of Star Wars and all our ongoing myths – to produce our own transformation and become greater; and support the greater good – so much more than we were and understood before.

6.  All existence is living energy, whose function is infinite flow/All That Is, forward -  there is no going back.

7.  Therefore learning is growth – ongoing, endlessly new and creative, expanding through and beyond all that produced it, seeking through unfolding paradoxes, ease through dis-ease – and all related.

What About the Real Operative Ways to Best Cope and Produce Wellbeing?

How-to's?  Commit in your day to day to an ongoing practice of self-care as specific requirements of the Serenity Prayer as the foundation of recovery:  (God) (Higher Power) grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Examples? 

1. Daily simple meditation (reset at an energetic level).  Try the 7 minute audio above, Breath is Light,  that I created years ago, if you like.

2. Slow down and allow your core wellness rhythms to reset and transcendently effect wellbeing. 

3.  Accept by noting what is real – and then stay in a deeper reflective space to choose what you come to more greatly understand and correspondingly accept is best for you – as the right and truly heroic way to live your life and be able to best support others.

Recommended Reads?

You might want to read what was a bestseller in 2003, Year of Wonder by Geraldine Brooks – an excellent, well-researched historical novel about the plague during the Middle Ages in England – and personal transformation.  I would additionally recommend what remains for me as still the best metaphysical book out there that offers brilliant depth of who we really are as unique representations of divine consciousness, and how then to best live our lives, The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book by Jane Roberts.  

We come through as we do . . . which for me makes the key challenge how to best choose results that provide ease versus dis-ease . . . that which creates and supports ongoing resolution and greater good . . .  more than – which we all seek – to reveal that understandable truth.  Namaste, Marjorie



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