Something New


What’s Rubbed Off

I have gone to more weddings,
including, of course, my oldest daughter’s over this past year, than
I have gone to in my entire life.  I think something is significantly
rubbing off on me related to something new. 

In case you need a refresher,
the rhyme goes, “something old, something new, something borrowed,
something blue . . . “.  It feels in this moment that this rhyme
is permanently implanted in my brain.

Old I’ve got, borrowed I’ve
got – both more than I would otherwise choose. Blue . . . well, we’ll
leave that one alone unless we’re talking about the sparkling ocean,
its waves crashing against the rocks at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester
where I royally escaped with my two singly surviving daughters after
THE WEDDING the end of August . . . or the color associated with the
fifth chakra, center for speaking your truth and being your integrity.

The Universe Loves New

Back to new.  The universe
loves new.  I think it instantly registers with possibility and
freed space to offer something else.

This is what is happening to
me lately in the wake of these weddings I keep attending.  New
ideas, relationships, creations, work, rituals, celebrations . . . I
see this wave riding out to a metaphorical sea with its own sparkle
that I think hasn’t graced me in a long, long time.  Go figure.

The Power of Grateful Completion

I am beyond grateful for the
Thanksgiving eve in 1971 over thirty years ago when I married my late
husband.  I’m grateful to be alive. 

I’m grateful to have “come
through”.  I’m grateful to have the honor to give to and share
with others.  I’m grateful to be able to accept all that I receive
simply and graciously, trusting the opportunities will continue, especially
those that we all must face as our lives complete themselves.  

To Feel and Envision Light

The days are very full, but
no longer hurry by.  I think something new has sparkled within
me in this time of greatest approaching darkness in my neck of the woods,
the winter solstice.

I feel and envision light.

Give From a Full, Trusting

I invite you to give from a
full, trusting heart as we move into this season, to create inviting
space in the wake of knowing how to offer beyond what you think you
have or need to hang onto, so the universe can bring you something new. 

Seek a strong, starry night
as the cold dawns, and clearly wish what your secret heart desires. 
Laugh, and sing an old tune, and turn around and do something you haven’t
done in ten years – or something you’ve never done that takes only
you by surprise while your heart sings.

The Power of Creation in
the Space Between

It’s about giving and receiving,
as your breath never stops whispering. 

In the space between, though,
creation occurs.