Feeling is Creation

The Transformational Dream

I don’t always remember my dreams, but I did last night.  I had a short, interrupted sleep, so thought it was interesting that I remembered them all so clearly. 

I am in need of this message right now, to be sure, in the midst of a sad, old crisis involving my beloved daughter and her father that, so far, is going as well as can be expected towards necessary new resolution and hopefully, new beginning.  So here is the message from the dream(s):  Longstanding, deeply-felt feelings create multidimensional reality. 

Visions Versus Feelings

I don’t know if I really wanted to face that.  I’ve very much, since I was easily 15 probably, understood visions do come true . . . sometimes. 

Feelings, though – all feelings – the ones we love that seem all-too-elusive – and the ones that stay with us uncomfortably and plague us painfully no matter what we do – also create experienced reality.  Those experiences, of course, are much harder to face, and then how can we deal in a way that serves us, with that reality, let alone allows us to survive it?

The Reality We Least Want

I  think the real word here, rather than "create" regarding how feelings produce corresponding reality, is "magnetize".  So in the all-through-the-night dream I just had, I was clearly told and shown that the "survivors guilt" – as it is called – over the sudden death of my husband, and the terrible, unresolved pain I continued to feel for so long over those feelings "matched up" with the terrible, longstanding guilt my daughter’s father also hated and couldn’t  – to this day, I believe – shake. 

That combination, I suddenly understood in the middle of last night, is what brings us the reality we least want.  Feelings generate passion, which is intense, unrelenting, most magnetic energy – the kind that very much creates reality. 

Karma is the Great Spiritual Challenge

When we refuse to accept, because we feel hopeless about what we fear will happen as a result, the painful feelings that emerge from a hurt that cuts us to the core, those intense opposing energies generate what I call "compromised" reality that produces an equally hopeless outcome.  The spiritual challenge, which I am moved to call karma, is designed over a significant time -even lifetimes, to offer us oportunities for central healing and growth.

In key therpeutic terms, we are forced to complete a central, multidimensional cycle of grief which always brings us to acceptance – truly – of the impossible.  Reality correspondingly shifts, and the "new beginning" the psychologist who met with us yesterday described, begins to emerge.

The Possibilities for Miracle-Making

How critical for ourselves and our world that we begin to understand and accept the immense challenge to work with this!  Think of the possibilities for miracle-making and great, harmonious transformation!

I think we’re meant to help each other to this effect.  My daughter and I watched a movie the day before about 10 questions the director asked the Dalai Lama, who defines "harmlessness" as always reaching out to listen and seek to understand each other.

The paradox, of course, is to never stop reaching out and being willing to listen, acknowledge, and seek to understand ourselves and the great mystery of our own feelings, particularly our pain.  It is a great, hard adventure, and always, we are meant to return to an equally mysterious, reflective inner well of trust and patience in our own inherent spiritual cycles.