Words for Wellbeing, Always – Your Path to Center, Actualize

If You Could Choose Five Key Words By Which You Could Live Your Life . . . 

Spiritual-transformation-buddhaWhat would they be?  Think about it – settle back, close your eyes, take ten full, deep, easy breaths…and then ask the question to what you imagine is a clear, core place within you.

When you feel complete in this experience open your eyes and record/draw what happened.  Then list, one word to a line, your five words.

Then Form Whole Sentences As Transformational Guidance

After each word, as if it,s automatic writing, add enough words that just seem to “come up” inside you to make a whole sentence.  When you’ve finished, read each sentence out loud and then record your impressions.

Now, however you’re moved to do so, draw a picture on a blank sheet of paper of yourself.  Then write each sentence wherever it seems to want to fit in relationship to you somewhere on that paper.

Listen to Your Sense of How to Live Your Life

Highlight each key word.  Then settle back into an open, reflective state and gaze at your whole picture.

What are your impressions?  Record, and then consider from these, what seem to be some emerging guidelines about how to live your life?

Ignite Your Will to Actualize

Write those down, beginning each thought with the phrase “I am…”.  Do not evaluate what is happening for you or in any way attach any thoughts that involve an assessment of your environment, or anything beyond yourself. 

Remember, we always have the power to choose, and free will to actualize.