Do miracles happen?

How Do Miracles Really Occur?

I-am-realistic-I-expect-miracles-copyWhat Are The Real Elements That Make Miracles?

There have been some miracles happening in my family this year, which I’m just starting to understand and much more clearly view. I’m also feeling some synchronicity with this view and new clarity after having just finished watching Ken Burns’ excellent miniseries on The Roosevelts, which I eagerly awaited after having the good fortune to hear him and Geoffrey Ward speak at Chautauqua Institute this summer.

I have witnessed many miracles in my work and my life. I found myself thinking about what elements really compose miracles, and want to share what I’ve consistently observed:

Five elements to making miracles happen

  1. An infinite (doesn’t change or yield over time, or for any other reason) central inner vision, with an equally strong accompanying sense that the vision is possible and will happen.
  2. An ongoing willingness to both do whatever it takes, and remain open at all times to all possibilities for the miracle to occur.
  3. A sense of “I’m going to do this – there is no choice” accompanied by always considering potentially infinite known and unknown sources of help and support.
  4. Things have to line up – the vision that becomes the miracle, speaking of synchronicity, aligns with a “time has come” sense and reality in one’s operative world, along with a desperate desire for open change – and therefore an “I’ll accept anything” attitude.
  5. Miracles always involve what one doesn’t expect, but also are catalysts for key growth and healing, which always synchronistically occur.

It Will Never Be What You Expect

Interestingly enough, as I recognize miracles – which can sometimes take awhile and happen way after the miracle has actually occurred – I also note a sense that “these things just happen” . In other words, the miracle “fits” as part of my sense of how the world works and how reality works.

They must always transcend conditioning, prediction based on assumption and “how things have been”, and whatever represents accompanying faulty belief systems that stem from unhealed (in therapeutic terms) woundedness. Our times both meet and challenge a lot of the above qualifications…and surely cry for miracles.

Here’s How You Can Start Making Miracles

And what about your life and challenges this year? I invite you to settle back into a deeper, relaxed, reflective state and review again these five (the number in numerology said to be the vibrational frequency of change) points.

What miracle(s) do you want, even desperately, passionately, of longstanding duration, in this fast-waning year?

Wishing is as natural to us as the beat of our heart.

Believe You Can Lay Your Own Creative Groundwork for Change

Our breaking society more and more challenges us to believe. Should we not believe how our own authentic selves vision?

Then take yourself through each of these transformational qualities that support miracles, and journal about what happens inside you as you consider each one. You will lay the groundwork for your own groundbreaking miracle.

This is How to Support the Greater Good

Provided you “stay with it”, it will, in whatever form it materializes, come to pass. It has been said that what we focus on grows and spreads.

What happens grows and spreads throughout worlds as well. Miracles, then, beget miracles, as long as the willingness and heartfelt visions continue…

The world, then, profoundly changes for the greater good of all. Miracles really don’t come about magically – they come to be as natural outgrowths of staying with all of these points of focus.