Uplift Yourself into Happiness in 2012

We Always Have the Power to Create What We Want

The most self-healing and transcendent inner tool we have is our imagination.  Our power to envision attaches us to our higher power, and offers us direct experience to create with unique and infinite potential.

So much has been written about this new year, 2012 – the end of an age lasting many thousands of years, according to the Mayan calendar.  Whatever the upcoming year means to us and our planet, we are at this moment poised to more greatly and differently utilize the new incoming light energy to support our greater good.

Our Freed Conscious Mind is the Key to Creating

The truth of the matter is our conscious mind can always, and does always, choose.  It doesn’t look to separate ourselves, ever, from all that we are, all that we ever experience, or all that we desire.  It doesn’t understand any sense of victimization because that doesn’t exist in its universe – in fact, all that ever truly victimizes us as adults are our delusional belief systems. 

It accepts without condition any and all feelings and thoughts.  What “trips it up” and puts terrible and tragic limits on it are old, entrenched, conditioned faulty belief systems.

We Create from Within

Our conscious mind does not need to directly change whatever is happening outside of us – our environments, our experiences, our relationships.  Instead it carries full power to change as desired our relationships to ourselves and all our “parts”.

Can you courageously end this year by reflecting, as deeply and honestly as you can, on the following questions – and just as courageously journal about whatever comes up inside you as response?

What Do I Really Believe About . . .

*who I am?

*what I am?

*my relationships?

*my past?

*my potential ?

*my experiences?

*my present life?

*my future?

What You Believe has to Align with what You Truly Want to Create to Be Able to Experience It

However you answered these questions identifies the spectrum of your core beliefs.  Now read through all you’ve written and underline whatever you objectively see limits your potential to create what you truly want in this new year.

(If you don’t know what you truly want, settle back in a comfortable, supported position, allow your breath to quite easily and naturally deepen, and close your eyes.  Now dare to allow your infinite imagination and all its light power to paint whatever picture your heart wants you to become, receive, let go of, and experience in your life without limitation.

When you feel complete in fully experiencing this vision, return to full waking consciousness and open your eyes.  Record all that occurred.  (Now you know what you really want.)

How to Set Your Greater Self Free to Miraculously Create What You Really Want . . . or Better!

In holistic and spiritual terms, when we bring up into conscious awareness our core beliefs and are willing to allow our free will, as the expressed unleashed power of the inner observer, to examine them, we merge with our infinite power to change our beliefs to support what we want.

When we honestly decide to change what we truly believe multidimensionally, our thoughts, feelings and how we relate to ourselves and our world change – and so does our life.  We have been given this infinite gift which always exists, no matter what is going on within and without in our life, to create, to transcend, to choose differently.

It truly sets new worlds in motion, and has throughout existence.  I reflect this gift back to you to work with, explore, and activate as you wish and are moved to do in this new year, in supporting your own and all our greater good.

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The Centering Tools Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Your Life and Create Your Best Future – Marjorie Baker Price

Moving into greater universal light and breakthrough consciousness to equally support us all in 2012 – Marjorie

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