Top 10 Reasons to Meditate Every Day

Ten Ways to Connect to the Divine

Here are my top 10 reasons to meditate every day:

  1. 1.   Clear your head
  2. 2.   Take a "power nap"
  3. 3.   Be in touch with your amazing spirit and the Source
  4. 4.   Unleash your creative potential
  5. 5.   Hear amazing insights from your intuition
  6. 6.   "Zone"
  7. 7.   Release physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress
  8. 8.    Get away from it all
  9. 9.   Allow your breathing rhythms to fully regulate themselves
  10. 10. Give your body and mind a complete oxygen bath

And there are so many more . . .

What’s Simplest, Fastest, and Still Gives All These Benefits

You can meditate in less than a minute.  Try this Centering exercise:

Settle back in a comfortable position with arms and legs uncrossed, close your eyes, and count three full, deep, easy breaths to yourself.  Now for these next several breaths as you inhale, say the phrase Let Be to yourself; and as you exhale, say the phrase Let Go to yourself.  Be as fully present with all that happens as possible, and when you feel complete for now in this experience, gradually return to full, waking consciousness and open your eyes.

How Do You Feel?

See what comes up inside you in response to this question, noticing all your sensations.  Fifteen minutes of meditating has been said by Dr. Herbert Benson, author of The Relaxation Response, to provide the equivalent of a full night’s restful sleep. 

I remember years ago a client telling me that he had no time to meditate when I told him about Dr. Benson’s recommendation to receive the full benefit of this miraculous relaxing and recharging self-help and healing practice.  I asked him if he had 5 minutes a day.  He smiled and said "Yes", and has told me that since then he loves to tell everyone he meets this story.

Are You Worth 5 Minutes A Day?

This is the question I most often ask clients when I recommend this simple yet transformational guided meditation.  I also add there are no side effects, it is FREE (and what in the world other than breathing these days is?), and there is no required certification, higher level degree, or additional equipment necessary than your own amazing mind and central will.

I rest my case, and your well-being, on your willingness to set your breath – and yourself free.  Happy experimenting!