Hypnosis for Healing

Hypnotherapy is effective and empirically shown to alleviate both physical and mental/psychic pain. Learn how Marjorie Baker Price – a Rochester, NY certified hypnotherapist with decades of experience – uses hypnosis as a primary method of getting clients to self-heal themselves! The hypnotic trance has many amazing properties that include experiencing “numbness” in general or in specific areas of the body. This enables a skilled therapist to produce the absence of feeling in any part of the body.

A Profound Self-Healing, Development and Empowerment Practice

It is still not well known that hypnosis is a central mind-body-spirit energetic healing, as well as a wellness and goal achievement practice.  It can profoundly relieve physical and emotional pain, bring breakthrough insights and key resolution, and endlessly fuel motivation.  Hypnosis-trance


Aside/further reading: In a 2010 Psychology Today article by John Ryder, PhD – the healing properties of hypnosis are explained with specific reference to the impact of the hypnotic aspects to hypnotherapy.  In particular, the 'hypnotic trance' – a state that can be induced by many skilled hypnotherapists, is able to retreat many forms of pain by inducing numbness in chronic pain areasCheck out Ryder's article "Hypnosis: the power of trance" via PsychologyToday.com


It can connect us to our own authentic, free sense of self and what recovery programs call “higher power”.  We hypnotize ourselves when we watch TV, see a movie, and drive a car, especially at night. 

It Is Sound Healing

When we listen to music, watch ocean waves, or stand by a waterfall we quite easily and naturally fall into a hypnotic “zone”, or what is also called an altered state of consciousness.  Hypnosis in all these ways, including listening and accepting a hypnotherapist’s hypnotic suggestions, is fundamentally vibrational, or sound healing.  

Hypnosis de-stresses at a core level.  It extensively and quickly facilitates all body systems to optimally function. 

It Clears and Opens the Mind, and Enhances the Body’s Ability to Best Function

We breathe better, circulate better, and eliminate better – literally and metaphorically.  Hypnosis clears our mind. 

It opens many expansive mental “doors” to perceive and understand at significantly higher levels.  We become greatly centered, balanced and attentive – free to be fully, unconditionally present from an inner place of trust – during and after being hypnotized.

It Gets Into the Core of Our Subconscious to Create What We Really Want

What we hear penetrates the core of our subconscious.  We accept “what we will” . . . meaning all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Our subconscious accepts whatever we accept without question.  That is why our fundamental desires are the central force hypnosis accesses that propels us to use our core power to create our visions, within any real possibility.

We Transcend What Gets in Our Way and Blocks Us to Self-Heal

Hypnotherapy, then, is transcendent as well self-healing, profoundly meditative.  We feel both uplifted and restored.

I have created thousands of hypnosis exercises on what feels like an infinite number of topics throughout the years of my Centering Tools practice.  Try one or more of any of these free approximately ten minute hypnosis audios, and access your power to transform your life!