Meditative and writing self-help can help to open your heart


Focus on these words: Willing to be Lead Towards Your Heart to open your heart.

Are You?

How does it feel when you read this title?

The heart is our multidimensionally operative center of being. It rules our bodies, feelings and insights.

Ten Guidelines to Open Up

Willing to open up (perhaps, again – after trauma), can be a fearful experience. My visionary work with clients always leads to the heart and its secrets, opening. Opening your heart, even to yourself, means certain risks. But we can insulate ourselves by following some basic rules and/or guidelines.

Here is what continues to reveal itself to me through that transformational work as requirements to be willing to be led toward your heart:

  • Looking to recover how you can trust yourself in any and all ways.
  • Having a sense of your own vibrant, endlessly alive center.
  • Feeling compassionate toward yourself.
  • Unconditionally caring about yourself and others.
  • Wanting to be better.
  • Letting go of predicted outcomes.
  • Being present.
  • Expressing how you feel without attaching thoughts to your feelings.
  • Willing to look within and listen without judgment.
  • Accepting all life as infinite paradox.

Try These Meditative and Writing Practices

I invite you to reflect and journal what comes up for you on all ten – and see where you end up! Do you feel, perhaps in surprising ways, more “led toward your heart”?

What happens then? If you were to choose any course of action through this connection, what would you choose?

"Willing To Be Led Toward Your Heart"

This phrase originally came to me as the title of a poem I wrote many years ago that I later used as the title of one of my products, a collection of poems for self-healing and development. I want to share a key part of that poem with you now:

There is this aspect of freedom

I hold it in the palm of my hand

It calls for me

Beckons Me

In soft whispers

And I open to receive its caress

There is no Price

Other than release

And rebirth of the self

And its power

A tiny spark, after all

Enough to shake the world

What does it take to say I love you?

Love Me?

A wink of an eye (I)

A blink of an open heart

That soft handshake

From a deep space of knowing

Who are You?

Peace and power

Care and choice


Love and Letting Go . . . BE . . .

Self-healing & Self-Help Secret: Just Be Yourself 

Just be who you really are…allowing your heart to know and reveal itself to you…however it will…