Freed Inner Child Workshop in Brockport Sept 10 7-9

Core Healing and Recovery for Higher Development and Empowerment Through Your Freed Inner Child

InnerchildCome and experience this dynamic self-healing and transformational workshop on Wednesday, September 10 from 7-9pm at Lightways, 228 Gilmore Road, Brockport, NY 14420, where you will:

  • free and unleash the magic of your inner child to experience a completely new level of trust and creative potential
  • experience multidimensional self-healing, spiritual recovery and development at significantly higher levels
  • transform your relationships and understanding of yourself and others…as well as your past, present and future
  • heal, as you come to understand through exploring Merinda and the Magic Mirror, “pleasing to   survive” – and be able to stop giving away your own authentic self and power

Specially created transformational guided meditation, journaling and energy healing exercises will create, open and extend an expanded and higher self-healing and development center. From there you can more greatly and powerfully manifest and experience empowered choice-making in your life.

Fee: $20 (Check, MC/Visa/Discover/debit cards accepted), includes handouts

MMMCover-printMerinda and the Magic Mirrorand Centering Tools™ Guided Meditation Audios and Books for Self-Healing and Development will also be available for purchase.

Questions and to register: Email [email protected] or call 585-244-6210 (cell 585-750-1751); or Lightways at [email protected], phone 585-637-6326. Go to for additional related information.