How Can You Best Support Yourself?

What Heals and Develops Us Best Supports Us

This is a key upcoming week in Judeo-Christian religion.  It begins with the onset of Passover, the celebration of the book of Exodus in the old testament, with the story of transcending the challenges of longstanding slavery to become, in full understanding, responsible, enlightened, free, and transformed.

It ends Good Friday and Easter, with the story of Jesus as the bringer of what became Christianity and the new testament as a spiritual guide to mastery and transcendence through the power of divine love, forgiveness and faith.  Are these key themes – slavery, freedom, responsibility, enlightenment, transformation, divine love, forgiveness, faith and transcendence – what we’re really,centrally challenged to ascend to and become in our lives in order to best support ourselves in the world?

The Stories of Passover and Easter Offer Key Themes of Healing and Development

Both stories that are the crux of these religions tell us just that.  What about the times we live in, the crises we experience, regarding obtaining true support?  We are live as multidimensional spiritual beings of divine consciousness to complete whatever prime directive we’ve chosen before incarnating for how we want to further develop, well understanding at a soul level these key choices support the thrust of higher power to serve the world through all of the above-described themes.    

There is so much we can’t do in our world despite how long and extensively we’ve been told we can.  We can’t change anyone or anything. 

We Always Have the Wherewithal to Greatly Support Ourselves to Become More Empowered

We can’t stop outcomes, particularly and supremely birth and death.  We can’t “get” a guarantee or know what will happen in all given moments.

We do have the wherewithal to more greatly support ourselves, and in that, we carry out our divine directive to best support the world.  We live in a truly win-win matrix – but of course, one needs to understand and know how to function in that paradigm.

A Meditative and Journaling Exercise to Engage Your Divine Will to Transcend and Free Yourself

I invite you to celebrate this very key time and see how you can access core support as that which allows, extends, and accomplished your soul’s directive for healing and development to best offer impact to your world – both inside and outside.  Here is a key meditative and journaling exercise I’ve created to best and transcendently support and empower yourself:

Settle back, take three, deep cleansing breaths, close your eyes, adjust your body so it feels in a wholly relaxed, supported, aligned position, and continue to say to yourself as you inhale, “Let be”; and as you exhale, “Let go”.  Imagine your breath forms a radiant, shimmering, infinite cocoon around you – your breath translated in the Hebrew, Latin and Greek words as meaning “spirit”. 

Feel how completely and endlessly you are held in the center, so lightly and freely, as you begin to rise higher and higher, floating and floating into all that is free, infinitely enveloping and light, endlessly loving.  Just be here now . . . just be here . . . now.

Allow your attention to successively focus on the following words:  Will, Freedom, Choice, Faith, Forgive, Transformation, Healing, Awareness.  Take all the time that you wish.

Then, as you continue to infinitely, evenly, deeply breathe, for three breaths at a time say to yourself, successively each of the above words.  Settle back and experience fully all that happens.

When you’re ready, through your own,light, floating rhythms, return to full, waking consciousness, and open your eyes.  Record your experience and whatever insights occur.

Happy, fruitful celebrating and supporting – Marjorie