How to Determine and Push Past What Limits You

What Condemns You to an Inner "Dead Zone"

Core fear frustrates and freezes us in stuck, static, and constantly stirred-up positions that unfortunately lead us nowhere.  These form false limits that can keep us in our own self-created dead zone for indefinite periods of time.
How can we push past what so tragically and stupidly limits us?  Here is a simple, key writing exercise to reveal your toxic limits and how to rise beyond them to achieve your dreams:

Five Revealing Steps to Transcend and Create Your Best Dreams

Step 1.
Draw a line down the middle of a blank sheet of paper.  Then think of a goal that you want from the bottom of your heart.
Step 2.
Write it down in the present tense on the left side of the paper.  Now begin to note whatever thoughts come up as reasons why you don't have that goal, and even why it seems you may never have that goal.
Step 3.
List all these reasons, one at a time and separately, on the right side of the paper until you can't think of any more reasons "why not".
Step 4.
Now on a clean sheet of paper, referring to those reasons, write each one of them as their exact opposite, begining each item with the phrase, "I achieve".  
Step 5.
Read through everything you've written and then record your insights.  You have revealed to yourself your heart's visions, the limits of your own fear-based judgment which keep you in a "dead zone", and a higher direction which allows and supports your spirit's right to soar to freely and powerfully dare to create what you want and soulfully deserve to have.

The Other Core Limit

Blame, or unforgiving responses as signals to what is incomplete emotionally, and the center which prodoundly and tragically limit us, are even more destructive.  They blast us out of the "dead zone" and into a static and infinite hell, which corrodes our hearts and our visions.
The word "sin" means "missing the mark" from its Hebrew roots.  To behave towards ourselves and each other in such a way that we would  call "wrongdoing" is evidence that that behavior has "missed the mark".
It is simply ignorant.  Here is another 5-step writing exercise to release blame and rise beyond unforgiving, incomplete responses to receive successful miracles in your life:
Five Healing Steps to Free and Recover Yourself and Experience Your Best Life
Step 1.
Consider what and who you blame.  On a blank sheet of paper begin to list these.
Step 2.
Take your time, and be as ruthlessly honest with yourself as possible to best complete this list.  When you've finished, title it All That Is Unforgiven.
Step 3.
Now go back to the beginning, and before every item on the list, write the phrase, I'm called to forgive this "missing the mark" episode in my life, to release and set myself free . . .  Again, take your time to "work your way" down the list, being as present as you can with whatever feelings come up.
Step 4.
Affirm that whatever these feelings are, they describe the stages of grief as denial, bargaining, anger, hopelessness/helplessness, and acceptance; and in naming them as such, you honor your central loss in each episode.  Record what happens throughout this reflective process.
Step 5.
Settle back, close your eyes, and allow your breath to quite easily and naturally deepen.  Imagine how easily you can ask to be led through your flowing breath to your highest, freest inner space.  As this occurs, say to yourself, I choose to begin again, blank and free to trust my power to create.

The Gift of Your New Voyage to a Creative, Open Present

This is your central challenge: to dare commit to following the visionary path of your heartfelt dreams, accepting a free present by becoming aware that you do have the power to create this transcendant space beyond the constructed, unfinished business of your loss and fear.  You have found a new path beyond what you have just completed.
Now you have created the opportunity to powerfully and clearly move forward.  Bon voyage!  In love and light, Marjorie


  1. Marjorie, Hope you are well.
    This is a great exercise. I am forwarding this to a friend right now!! Have a wonderful spring!

  2. Nice list… 🙂 I’ll Try all of those Tips…

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