Radical Emotional Healing

How to radically heal from emotional trauma

All healing from disease involves radical responses. How can we best involve ourselves as initiator and best assessor of what constitutes radical healing? Emotionalhealings

First we need to know the core elements that initiate and produce a particular state of dis-ease. When we can access our freed inner observer and ask the questions who, what, where, when, why and how, allowing ourselves to simply and freely listen and wait for all that comes up inside us by way of response, we begin to create openings in which healing can occur.

Emotional healing – NPR's discussion of how to heal, emotionally, after devastating flood in VA.

Emotional healing – People.com: victim talks about how emotional healing after the trauma of the Boston Marathon Bombing was as important a piece of the puzzle as the physical healing. 

When We Surrender to “Flight, Fight, Freeze” as the Core Stress Response – We’re “Cooked”

What gets in the way of this integrated, organic process of real resolution and best possible outcomes? Fear, anxiety, judgment and faulty belief systems, as well as feigned helplessness and victimization would be the key symptoms of “quick fix” resolutions that we are so conditioned to implement, whether, on closer examination, they make inherent sense or not.

The funny thing is, if we can suspend and admit we don’t know (this is not a sin!) what all the core causes are of our dis-ease and stay with all the basic feelings that come up in response to this admittance, we create what I call sacred free space inside ourselves, along with higher awareness that includes extended insight . . . and we will soon have these real answers.

Resolution Beyond Prediction

When that happens, there is breakthrough transformation – and radical healing. Radical healing cannot be predicted because it is new, and yet it is simple as well as profound at its core.

Hope appears in the face of radical healing, and a great release of what is truly divine energy that not only transforms but restores core balance along higher, more stable levels. We feel emboldened – empowered, motivated, courageous, uplifted to wiser, more expanded action that actually becomes sustainable provided we are willing to let go of what we come to understand are the causative factors that produced the dis-ease.

You Have to be Willing to Go Deep Within Yourself as an Act of Courage

“Going deep” into our heart, our gut unleashes a person we didn’t know existed to well partner with the freed observer, who wants more than anything to know what is real . . . and is willing to face and work with that awareness, endlessly. Consider as you “sit” with all this, what is happening inside you, and record your sensations. Write these questions, who, what, where, when, why and how – and see if a title as key description comes up for your dis-ease.

Then write the phrase Radical Healing, and imagine what you would commit to doing within unleashed courage to create, support and promote that healing. See how you feel as you journal all that occurs.

A Troubling and Opportune Sign of Our Times

We live in most unstable, intense, accelerating times that call for courageous, new, thoughtful solutions to both very old and new problems that produce in us all, as in our world, dis-ease. We can only be our most authentic, courageous, freely loving, creative selves – who I call the Radical Healer.

Consider that is the core of divine operative – a true “answer to a prayer” – that we both entreat and copartner to create. I recommend on that note you immediately ask, in what feels like a free, reflective, inwardly focused state, for radical healing in whatever way you sense you need – and that you ask every day in this manner for a few uninterrupted minutes over this next month or so . . . and watch what happens!

Healing is always and truly a miracle. That makes it radical.