The Truth About Anxiety, and How to Transform It

Its a Signal That Needs to Be Rightly Acknowledged

Anxious-quotes-2Yes, its true – we live in an increasingly anxious world. Anxiety probably offers the greatest impairment to empowerment and function in our time.

Ask yourself in the course of a typical day, how anxious are you? How anxious do others around you seem to be?

The Real Root of Anxiety, and What It Can Offer for Healing and Development

What is the real root of anxiety, and what can we do about it? I deal so much in my practice with anxiety as a key symptom of stress, sleeplessness, depression, impaired thinking . . . the list goes on and on,

Anxiety is a signal that demands to be heard of feeling disquieted at one’s core. Admitting these sensations begins to open the door to greater insight, understanding and release.

Try This Quick Meditative and Journaling Exercise to Relieve Anxiety

Ask yourself, in acknowledging a sensation of anxiety, what you’re feeling disquieted about? Its important to ask this question with no agenda or presumption, just from a place of feeling completely open and willing to unconditionally listen and feel whatever comes up inside you by way of response.

Allow yourself to “dive into” all your feelings and sensations, including noticing what seems to be happening inside your body, as well as any images or thoughts that occur, for several minutes. Then record this experience; and read when you’ve finished all that you’ve written, taking time to “sit” with it.

Resolve anxiety by living authentically

What is being communicated from what I call your authentic self to you? That is the truth about anxiety as a key signal that requires being fully heard and acknowledged.

When we truly and freely admit how we really feel, we experience a sense of release and higher insight. Frequently core resolution occurs right then and there as well as key problem-solving, with creative, out-of-the-box solutions.

Follow up: learn to listen to yourself

An excellent follow up to this exercise is to ask yourself what would feel comforting for you; and again, listen to whatever comes up inside you by way of response. Then give that to yourself, or as close an equivalent as possible.

Anxiety is also a signal of a central need for comfort, which brings ease rather than dis-ease, and inner quiet, or peace, followed by a sense of welcome stillness. Then we can reestablish our essence “breathing and being” rhythm, as I call it – do a “pattern reset” that easily and completely moves us beyond anxiety.

We are free to be fully present again from a place of centeredness, letting go and letting be; and empowerment.