The Easiest, Quickest Way to Meditate – It Works!

Why Meditate?

Meditation continues to be more and more recommended as a wellness, de-stressing and self-healing practice, Clinical research says its benefits lower blood pressure, relieve migraines, boost immunological systems, erase pain, improve oxygenation, relieve stress, depression and anxiety, heighten insight, problem-solving and intuition . . .the impressive list goes on and on. How_to_meditate

When we meditate we stop all externally-driven focus to have to “do” and simply “coast” – be – in our own essence state of infinite flow and detachment. Meditation opens a profound inner door to higher consciousness and frees our authentic, endlessly creative spirit to support and uplift us.

The Real Truth About How to Meditate

Since I founded Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Empowerment in 1987 I have taught thousands of people from all walks of life, in workshops, individual and group training sessions, how to meditate. The truth of the matter is we actually know how to meditate without anyone having to teach us anything about it!

We just happen to live in a world that conditions us to mistakenly believe that we don’t know how, that it is complicated and must be “perfect”, and requires endless practice and someone else to “show us the right way”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My Simplest, Most Successful Way to Meditate:

When we are in a “zone” we are meditating. When we are “lost” in a daydream that produces in us sensations of peace, ease and wellbeing we are meditating.

Here’s how to recover what you already well know how to do and reap these infinite benefits that improve, even transform lives;

  1. Settle back in a comfortable, aligned, supported position where your body does not hold any tension and close your eyes.
  2. Count to yourself ten full, deep, easy, even breaths.
  3. With your next five breaths, as you inhale say to yourself the word “Receive”, and as you exhale say to yourself the word “Release”.
  4. Imagine your endlessly flowing breath, now in its essence, automatic rhythm, beautifully surrounds and vitalizes you, lifts you up higher and higher, and you float in this radiant cocoon, completely supported and sustained.
  5. Enjoy this “zone” as long as you wish! When you feel ready to return, simply imagine the endlessly flowing, vitalizing waves of infinite energy that are your breath effortlessly carry you, so lightly and freely back and back, to once more come to full, waking consciousness; and open your eyes.
  6. Consider how you feel???? If you like,you can take a few extra minutes to record your experience, which further integrates and reinforces the multiple benefits of meditation.
    Take your time “regrouping” – be gentle and at ease with yourself – and commit to spending five or more minutes every day immersed in your own uniquely recovered meditative “zone”!
  7. Then note the amazing ways you and your life improve!

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