Top Five Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We live in a terribly anxious, rushed and complicated world filled with ongoing, seemingly unstoppable pressures. Here are my top five tips to get a good night’s sleep:

Why Wouldn't Trouble Sleeping Be Epidemic In This Country?

More and more research is coming out that tells us difficulty sleeping seems to be epidemic in this country.  And why not? 

We live in a terribly anxious, rushed and complicated world filled with ongoing, seemingly unstoppable pressures.  Here are my top five tips to get a good night's sleep:

Five Simple and Terrific Tips To Get A Good Night's Sleep

1.  Take an hour to "unwind" – without any electronics (hint: hot baths with lavendar, reading what is restful to you, listening to music that relaxes you . . . )

2.  Have a little bedtime snack, unless you're feeling full, that doesn't include caffeine and does include a little carbohydrate/starch, protein, and calcium (a natural sedative) – not an accident that the classic "milk and cookies", or some equivalent is recommended for children – recent research seems to strongly suggest that sometimes we struggle to sleep if we're even somewhat hungry.

3.  Don't get into "charged" conversations just before bedtime – like intensely emotional discussions with your significant other, etc.

4.   Say a little prayer before retiring – feel free to make one up – keep it simple and include what you're grateful for – like existing – and specifically for the day you've experienced.

5.  Set yourself up to be completely comfortable, meaning, as if you were Goldilocks, not too hot/cold, loose clothing – maybe a soothing blanket or even a "love-y" as I used to call stuffed animals my kids slept with – be creative, and enjoy to the fullest your sleepy-time cocoon!

You Can Create A New Sleep Habit

Research says it takes 45 days to break an unwanted habit and get used to a new one.  "Fire away" and experiement with all these tips "whole hog" – and remove the central and multidimensional risk that poor sleeping brings to your body, mind and spirit, to restore and recharge your self.

Remember, nothing is worth losing sleep over!  Feel free to check out Get a Good Night's Sleep hypnosis/guided meditation audio by copying and pasting the link below to your browser -then go to the second product listed right after the Centering Tools Home Study System  :

Let me know how you sleep!  Namaste, Marjorie


  1. Hi Marjorie

    Wonderful article about sleep hygiene. I wish everyone could read this. Sleep is probably one of the most important things we do and yet so many suffer from poor sleep, inadequate sleep, light sleep, etc. Proper sleep regulates all of our hormones, allowing for us to feel energized, burn calories and be productive the following day.

    I love teaching people about increasing their melatonin output naturally. On top of your wonderful tips, there should be lots of quality sleep happening!

    Thanks for sharing such helpful information!

  2. haha we must be on the same wavelength, because this couldn’t have come in a more timely fashion. Daily stresses make it hard to clear the mind for sleep. Will check out the audio for sure.

  3. Good, Wendy – its a tough job (LOL) putting people to sleep, but lots of folks over the years listening to “Get a Good Night’s Sleep” audio have told me I manage to do this quite well! Hope this all helps – keep me posted! Love and light, Margie

  4. Thanks so much for your caring feedback, Maggie. I have heard from a number of clients about the additional benefits with melatonin. Glad for you to pass my information along to whoever it can help – and there will be more to come! All the best, Marjorie

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