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How to Access the Immense Power of Blessing – Everything!

Giving thanks is the directive – and acknowledging the abundance and gift of our blessings to survive, sustain and share. In our most troubling times I believe this holiday in particular spiritually offers us a great deal toward self-healing, development, empowerment, and most of all universal caring without condition and without fear, to truly create and support all of our greater good…In that spirit I want to share what I brought forth as the workshop focus in my women’s self-healing and empowerment monthly group meeting last week on exploring the larger meaning and opportunity of blessings for success and higher power for all. Here are the steps…

The Easiest, Quickest Way to Meditate – It Works!

Why Meditate? Meditation continues to be more and more recommended as a wellness, de-stressing and self-healing practice, Clinical research says its benefits lower blood pressure, relieve migraines, boost immunological systems, erase pain, improve oxygenation, relieve stress, depression and anxiety, heighten insight, problem-solving and intuition . . .the impressive list goes on and on. When we …

How to Get Beyond Conflicts of Caring

The idea for this post was motivated in part by Heather Plett's "What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone"– after reading it, ask yourself how the concept of holding space might apply to yourself? And be sure to read the article on   Conflicts of Caring Interfere with Creating and Developing I …

How to Change Vibrational Frequency

This ability that we all have is a foundational step toward being able to shift frequencies, and therefore “shift” our sense of being and wherewithal to synchronize with experience, which we do ongoing. Jerry and Esther Hicks, through channeling Abraham, talk a lot about how to clearly identify feelings as patterns of energy, with the understanding that particular feelings carry particular vibrational frequencies which can be shifted.

Free How to Meditate Class Nov 15, 2-3:30pm in Rochester!

Meditation for Centering, Self-Healing: A Free Transformational Wellness Class Sunday Nov 15, 2-3:30 pm at Tea Licious Trendz, 489 Plank Rd, Webster 14580 You really can simply and effectively learn to meditate and: *Establish a regular practice to profoundly erase body-mind stress *Achieve lifestyle balance and self-healing *Promote transformational self-care Experience and integratively practice my …

Holiday PROMOTION: creating a better future for yourself this Thanksgiving

The gift of  your best self this holiday season

The holidays are upon us again, and the pressures of tradition, caregiving, and holiday-associated sleep deficit conspire against us. That’s why it’s my sincere hope for you all to stay grounded (now, more than ever) making it your business to become your “best self”.

Being mindful and proactive about your future self despite the stress of the holidays is a real opportunity for personal growth. That’s the central theme at work in my newest hypnosis and guided meditation collection: “Success: Create Your Own Best Future”.

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