The Hamilton cast decided to plea to humanity and that’s the kind of courage we need in era of metoo, and the rise of hate groups

We are once again in this season of thanksgiving and miraculous divine rebirth.  May we all offer each other and ourselves our highest vision and trust in our owen real capacity to greatness – and not imagine restoring, but correspondingly recreating, that reflective world for us all to experience and share in the greater good.  We are all worth it.

Workshop: Accelerated Healing on Oct 13

ACCELERATED HEALING – NEW KEY PATHWAYS TO RECOVERY AND TRANSFORMATIONA Small Group Intensive Date/Time: Saturday, October 13, 2018 9:30am-3:30pm 267 Oxford St #801, Rochester, NY `14607 What We'll Learn We are immensely challenged in these accelerating, intense times to differently navigate complicated challenges and results to create new, multidimensional resolutions in our lives. Everything correspondingly […]

meditation: our dying earth

I recently had a chance at a day trip to one of the beautiful finger lakes in upstate NY. What I wrote can be described I guess as a collection of thoughts, a meditation, on my own feelings of sorrow about the sad state of the world (global warming) and our failure in leadership. Oddly […]