Small group intensive workshop – April 2019

Please join me for my upcoming small group intensive workshop on April 6. Details below! 

Small group intensive workshop: revealing and becoming your higher self

Leadership-styles-17628460Explore and Accelerate Beyond the Chakras to Raise Vibrational Healing and Empowerment. Experience Greater Emotional Freedom and Presence with the All That Is, and Transcendence

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 9:30am-3:30pm

Location: 267 Oxford St #801, Rochester, NY 14607

In this small, nurturing group intensive you will learn my newly developed simple, transformational technique to:

  • unleash the infinite power of your Higher Self through
  • multidimensionally opening the chakras to
  • provide key support to expand and raise your energetic field to
  • access your divine will to synchronize with your freed Higher Self and power to newly create and respond from heightened awareness and conscious spiritual guidance in every aspect of your life

You will experience greater resolution beyond conflict and a whole new level of insight and choice making for greater clarity, peace and wellbeing.

Includes novel energetic and shamanic healing practices.

Fee: $105.00 includes materials and guided meditation audio, drinks and snacks (lunch on your own). Weather permitting, outdoor visioning included.

Checks payable to Marjorie Baker Price. PayPal, all bank cards additionally accepted.