April 6 Workshop – Get to Know Your Karmic Purpose with the Wisdom of the Tarot

Tarot-arcana1Wed April 6 I'll be conducting an exciting workshop showing how to leverage the wisdom of the tarot to identify your karmic purpose. This event is also part of the Lightways Journey Winter 2016 series of workshops, and I encourage interested folks to either contact me or Lightways Journey for additional exciting workshops happening in the next few months! 

Access the Higher Wisdom of the Tarot to Know Your Karmic Purpose and Transform Reality

Wed April 6 from 7pm-9pm, cost: $20.00

Location: 31 Market Street Brockport, NY 14420 US

The Greater Arcana of the Tarot, 22 cards that are not suits with titles like The Fool, The Lovers, Death and The World, are said to contain the secrets of the divine universe. They outline our soul’s journey through incarnations to complete spiritual cycles of self-healing and development. In this dynamic class you will explore as you experience your key spiritual directives through inner journeying into several particular cards. You will learn how to read these cards to uncover your karmic purpose for completion and higher resolution. Marjorie Baker Price, certified medium and shamanic healer, has read and taught hundreds of spiritual seekers how to utilize the divine meaning of the Tarot for transformation and development throughout her Centering Tools practice.

How to register

Contact me via email or phone at (585) 244-6210 or you  can register with Lightways at (585) 484-8738 or via email  

You can also view event information or message me right on Facebook at the Centering Tools page!

Be sure to check out all of the winter series classes at the Lightways 2016 calendar page