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To Transform You Must Be Your Own Hero

We are all heroes, say all great ancient spiritual traditions, or we wouldn’t be here adventuring and evolving on the earth plane. Whether we talk about designated recovery from addictions, trauma, self-healing, empowerment, therapeutic intervention, they all, to me and actually Carl Jung as part of his definition of archetypes, challenge us to become who we truly are – heroes.

Uncover and Heal Your Greatest Conflict

Over and over again in my work with clients, we uncover what is an overwhelmingly common core conflict. It always comes down to fundamentally not accepting yourself.

From this awareness we then link and understand that this is delusional and bullying behavior that sets the stage for further violating, blaming, victimizing, rationalizing, and addictive responses.

Can Self-Acceptance Be the Key to Becoming Whole?

Centering Books: Willing to be Led Toward Your Heart

Willing to be Led Toward Your Heart: Centering Poems for Self-Healing and Development Price: $15.97 + $1.50 first-class shipping This is How and Why I Offer Centering Tools I have loved and written poetry since I first entered college,  that being the first time I felt free and empowered enough within myself to dare to …