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For more information about Centering Tools™: PDF – Informational handout about Marjorie Baker Price and Workshop Presentations PDF – Informational Handout for New Clients PDF – Download What is Centering Tools  Video Files How to Stay Centered in a Chaotic World . . . with special guided meditation and writing exercises for self-healing and empowerment. …

Here is the Link to “Hope and Transformation in 2012” Tonight’s Teleconference

Click on the link below to hear the complete recording of tonight’s teleconference on how to access greater healing, hope and peace in this amazing and unique season, this year 2012, predicted as the beginning of a new age of awareness, sharing and freedom:

Here is the Link to “Release Stress” Tonight’s Teleconference

Click on the above link to hear this one hour teleconference I offered this evening, with key writing exercises, recommendations to continue on your own, and fifteen-minute guided meditation on how to easily and fundamentally clear stress.