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How to Go – And Stay – Higher

We are witnessing the opening of our basest, undeveloped, freaked out, regressed, dysfunctional selves in our country – and there’s hell to pay for us all. “Bad karma” would be the phrase for this, with suffering, expanding conflict, racism, expanding greed and economic disparity . . . can we allow ourselves to go backwards in a world that is primed to go forward and take us, whether we like it or not, along with it?

The core operative here on the earth plane is growth towards the expanding greater good – and there are no exceptions. Therefore, there are no “Others” that can’t or shouldn’t benefit from this in an endlessly, creatively unfolding present – we truly are All For One and One For All.

Sign up online for the Winter 2009 Workshops

Register for the Winter 2009 workshops online! Workshop #1: Shamanic Healing Practice – The ancient ways of the shaman, or medicine healer in all tribes on the earth plane, involved the art of inner journeying through sacred drumming to the upper and lower spirit worlds for soul retrieval, higher guidance, integrative healing and revealing sacred …

Shamanism: Spiritual Journey of Empowerment

Shamanism: Spiritual Journey of Empowerment Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 You can experience the way of the shaman, or ancient healer who can travel from the physical to the spiritual realms to experience the path of spiritual power and transformation to heal, develop and create miracles, through this two-part guided meditation and hypnosis audio with special …