The Only Way to Build Motivation

Hypnosis makes miracles.

Build Motivation Through Unleashing the Infinite Power of Your Free Will

Motivation is the key to transcending challenge and manifesting your dreams.  Although motivation can appear when survival is threatened through "fight/flight" responses, once the threat appears to be resolved the motivation disappears.

The only real way to build motivation that will work and sustain you to achieve your goals is to access it from within.  Free will is the only part of us that can unleash motivation.

Hypnosis Combines our Body, Mind and Spirit to Create Success

Hypnosis is the clinical holistic and therapeutic practice that most fully and centrally builds motivation.  Hypnosis unleashes the simplest and most fundamental function we possess – our breath, which comes from the original Hebrew, Latin and Greek words that all mean spirit.

Hypnosis utilizes the limitless power of our imagination to be the creative servant of our free will to compose a blueprint of our vision of what we truly want, and fully engage our potential desire to achieve, or motivation.  Our motivation then magnificently and compellingly draws us, through the force of our combined subconscious and conscious minds, to consistently make the right choices that will directly bring forth our goals.

Daydream – or Envision – Your Way to Self-Healing and Development

The inner creative daydream spun in a deeply relaxed state and in the flow of our higher selves, or unleashed limitless spirits, holistically engages our emotional, mental and physical selves to synchronize and seemingly magically find our way to the result we wish.  Daydreaming, then is a tremendously productive, holistically and integratively engaging, profoundly relaxing practice to literally build and activate motivation. 

Hypnosis, then, becomes an immensely empowering practice.  How noteworthy in the face of the common misconception that hypnosis "makes" someone do something, and therefore involves losing control!

Critical Benefits of Hypnosis

The truth of the matter is hypnosis extends our capacity to more greatly and successfully choose and create, as well as, interestingly enough, erase whatever gets in the way of that.

It overrides as a transcendant self-healing and development process.

That is why it is a key tool I offer and work with in my Centering Tools practice.  Here are some of the benefits of hypnosis:

  • Releases pain
  • Induces restful sleep
  • Removes stress, fear and anxiety
  • Unleashes creativity and intuition
  • Heals past trauma
  • Extends and produces peak performance
  • Centers, energizes and profoundly relaxes
  • Forms a successful inner foundation to achieve your heartfelt goals

Hypnosis Opens the Connection to Your Soul and Greater Becoming

So envision your dreams.  Let your breath deepen.

And while this is all happening tell yourself that what you picture within your own breathing flow will create and sustain what you most deeply and freely within your clear soul and free spirit want.

Hypnosis Makes Miracles

Stay tuned!  You will become greater than you ever imagined, and your own best miracle worker.

Namaste, Marjorie


  1. Hi Marjorie, I just wanted to Thank You. I hit one of those giant waves today and listened to your Self Healing with Divine Grace meditation. It was wonderful and i just wanted to express my gratitude. Love and Light for all you do.

  2. @ Kelli

    Same here and m also really very thankful to the author for such an information. which help people like us

  3. Thank you very much – your feedback means a great deal to me and my vision with Centering Tools: to support our right and soul mission as human beings to become whole and support the greater good without leaving ourselves out of the light equation! Love and light, Marjorie

  4. Hi Kelli – I’m so glad this transformational guided meditation that I channeled with this purpose in mind helped you at this critical time. keep the faith as you, in all times and ways, continue to generate and express your great light. So do we all . . . Love and light, Marjorie

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