The Key Way for Self-Healing, Empowerment and Experiencing Greater Good

Whatever we centrally focus on supports more of the same.

When We Thank with an Open Heart We Open the Door of the Universe to Give Us Even More of What We Want in Our Lives

I love, honor and greatly appreciate my clients – all of them from the beginning of my Centering Tools practice 24 years ago this month through this week.  Recently, as frequently happens, a client who excitedly and with centrally good reasons reported tremendous transcendent healing and success, told me about a particular affirmation to acknowledge and thank whoever/whatever she received, and the Universe.

I want to pass that wonderful sentence on to you with the recommendation that you try it every day for one month, and please let me know the results of your experiment in self-healing, empowerment and experiencing greater good in your life.  Many metaphysical books like The Secret, Personal Power of Awareness, the Game of Life and How to Play It, and You Can Heal Your Life strongly recommend ongoing acknowledgment and appreciation for all that we know is good and right for us to have in our lives.

Whatever We Centrally Focus On Profoundly Supports More of  the Same

This premise is based on a fundamental law of physics which is also said to be a core operative law of the spiritual and multidimensional universe, which is Whatever we focus our attention on grows and expands – whatever we don’t focus our attention on dies for want of attention.  It is, of course, the basis of what is called e power of positive thinking.

The subconscious, according to decades of both body-mind and clinical research regarding how hypnosis works, only accepts and fully responds to the positive as a servant immediately and fully responds to a command, as it is very literal; and can “do nothing” with the negative other than cancel out whatever related thought is attached to it.

Recover Your Ability to Unconditionally Receive and Trust, Knowing Your Deserve It

Are you ready for the magical sentence?  Are you so completely ready that you feel you completely and as a “given” deserve to receive greater good in your life, and can unconditionally accept and trust it – even recognize it when it is generously offered?

If not, you have this profound and central therapeutic, self-healing, spiritual and recovery work to do on yourself to adequately “prepare your own ground” so the sentence can  work.  All of the books listed above as well as my Centering Tools Guided Meditation and Journaling for Self-Healing and Empowerment Workbook will help you complete this foundational requirement.

Practice This Sentence Every Day for a Month and Open the Door to Receiving Miracles

And so, dear readers, here is the sentence.  Be sure to always say it with great confidence, full focus and acceptance, whenever you receive anything you truly like:

Yes, thank you, please, and more.

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