What About Balance?

Balance is Our Key Core Challenge Rocks_on_balance_0

Today is the traditionally designated day of the Spring Equinox, which was celebrated throughout the Western ancient world as a time of new balance.  “Lifestyle balancing”, as it is frequently called as a necessary focus to survive, let alone succeed, in today’s world, remains a key and increasing challenge for many understandable reasons.

So how do we stay balanced?  To answer that question requires knowing what constitutes balance before figuring out the “how”.

Ask Yourself These Four Questions

Here are some preliminary questions for you to consider in checking in with yourself and your sense of balance in your life right now (encourage you to settle back and reflect first, journal your impressions second):

1.  Do you really know when you feel balanced?

2.  What does that feel like?

3.  How about feeling out of balance?

4. On a scale of zero to ten, zero being completely out of balance and ten being completely balanced, how do you rate yourself in this moment?

Follow-up …

Record any insights after you’ve read through your answers.  Do not judge or jump to create a “game plan”.

Here is the truth about balance: Everything that exists can only exist in some state of balance – composed of elements that coalesce as particular patterns of energy that stay connected in a particular way – to  perpetuate enough cohesion to continue unchanged unless either the cohesion or one or more elements shifts.  When we decide to “change something”, whatever that particular “something” is, is also an element supporting a particular state of balance, which will also shift.

You Can Successfully Create and Sustain Balance

When you consider changing it becomes essential to understand the “greater balance” that will also be affected.   So as far as coming up with a “game plan”, then, the “center” of it needs to be knowing the answer to the title of this article: What About Balance?

Here is a simple question to take into a meditative “dive”, as I call them, for higher guidance, to best achieve balance in whatever way you understand you most need and want to have in your life.  I offered this guided meditation exercise to my monthly women’s group last evening, with great reported results:

The Guided Meditation Exercise

Settle back into a comfortable, supported position in which your body feels gently balanced, and close your eyes.  Count to yourself three full, deep, easy breaths. 

For the next several breaths as you inhale, say to yourself the phrase “receive balance”; and as you exhale, say the phrase “release balance”.  Observe your sensations . . . and then imagine your endlessly flowing breath carrying you so lightly and freely toward your inner response, wherever/however it exists and imaginatively occurs,  to the following question:

How Do I Release Balance?

Experience whatever happens inside you now, wherever you go on this unfolding inner journey, continuing to observe your sensations until you feel a sense of completion for now.  Then imagine your breath brings you so easily and lightly back and back to full waking consciousness, open your eyes, and record/draw your experience . . .

Read through your journaling, and once more record any insights that occur.  Consider what you have learned about your states of balance and your sense of what you can choose to achieve greater balance in your life.

That is your “game plan” to begin to carry out as an intuitive, guided, self-created experiment that can produces miraculous and most empowered results!  Happy Spring . . . Equinox . . . In love and light, Marjorie