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Cdbaby-music-store-logoOur new download tokens/cards are a convenient way to download and retrieve Marjorie's guided meditations audios – listen on any mp3 comptabile device (computer, laptop, smartphone, mp3 player) and get a 10% discount on your next 30 or 60 minute individual session (phone or face-to-face) 

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Freedom from Stress 

CD_Baby-FreedomFromStress-FRONTCost: $28.97 (a $31.88 value)

This collection of guided meditation hypnosis audios is intended to provide support for anyone suffering acute or chronic pain, are battling significant sleep debt, are unable to quiet the mind and focus on what needs to be focused on, and/or simply would benefit from being able to step back and achieve a more relaxed state. 

Achieve balance and overall rest and well-being. Be able to centrally focus, gain higher awareness and experience greater insight in all aspects of your life. Experience the life-changing results of: Clear Blockages, Get a Good Nights Sleep, Relax – Freedom from Stress, and Release Pain.

Tracks include: 

  1. Clear Blockages
  2. Get a Good Nights Sleep
  3. Relax! Freedom from Stress
  4. Release Pain

Merinda and the Magic Mirror: A Tiny Tale of Transformation for All Ages (With Guided Meditations)

Heal-Balance Body Mind Spirit card - frontPrice: $25.47

Enter into the transformational world of Merinda and the Magic Mirror to see how you can empower and heal yourself to become who you really want and need to be! Also included with this fable for women and girls are guided meditations.

Tracks include:

  1. Merinda and the Magic Mirror: A Tiny Tale of Transformation for All Ages                     
  2. Children's "Wish-Full" Centering Guided Meditation: Releasing Stress, Feeling Safe     
  3. Children's "Wish-Full" Centering Guided Meditation: Building Self-Esteem                    
  4. Recovering Your Inner Child                                                                                                         
  5. Forgiveness: Healing the Past                                                                                                     

Heal and balance body, mind, and spirit

Heal-Balance Body Mind Spirit card - frontPrice: $48.97 (a $55.79 value)

This guided meditation set includes 7 tracks and over 179 minutes of guided meditation and imagery to heal trauma (present and past), integration your body, mind and spirit, and become the best person you can be!

Tracks include:

  1. Heal and Balance Body, Mind and Spirit
  2. Shamanism: Spiritual Journey of Empowerment: Healing Through the Lower Spirit World
  3. Shamanism: Spiritual Journey of Empowerment: Development Through the Upper Spirit World
  4. Develop Your Intuition
  5. Past Life Regression
  6. Finding Your Spirit Guide
  7. Energetic Healing

Accept & Love Yourself

CD_Baby-Accept-LoveYourself-FRONTPrice: $28.97

Listen to these hypnosis/guided meditation audios and experience your inner center to extend and unleash your power to heal body, mind and spirit; develop higher awareness; recover self-esteem and personal power; and tap into your intuition.

 This set includes the following guided meditations: 

  1. Accept and Love Yourself 
  2. Become Your Higher Self 
  3. Drivetime for Clearing and Centering 
  4. Feeling Good About Yourself