Rochester, New York Hypnotherapy Referrals

An Increasing Request for Services

I am getting more and more requests from people who are unfamiliar to my Centering practice for hypnosis, even requests to speak about hypnotherapy from area high schools, hospitals, and organized sports.  I continue, throughout the scope and now-22 years of my Centering practice, to expand and experiment with the power of hypnosis to transform lives. 

Major Rochester, New York health insurance providers still do not cover hypnotherapy, although when I present seminars to their staff, there is always a tremendously favorable response.  Flexible spending through employers, though, does cover hypnotherapy, and I feel the day is coming sooner rather than later when there will be baseline coverage of this powerful self-help, therapeutic and integrative healing practice.

There continue to be many misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  Here are the most common that I continue to hear about:

Top Four Misconceptions

1.  Hypnosis requires giving over control to the person hypnotizing you.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and only happens through the direction of the person’s will who is experiencing the hypnosis.

2.  You will lose consciousness and not remember anything that happened.

Generally a person experiencing hypnotherapy will not lose consciousness and will remember everything that happened during the experience.  They will be in what is called a light trance, said to be the optimal state to experience the  greatest benefit of hypnotherapy, fully aware of their surroundings and what is happening, but remaining primarily focused on activating the hypnotherapist’s suggestions in a deeply relaxed state.

3.  I can’t be hypnotized.

Everyone can be hypnotized.  As we’re all individuals, the challenge for the hypnotherapist is to offer an individually-designed hypnosis exercise to fit the particular individual, requiring hearing from the client as to their wants, needs, goals, and visions.   

4.  Hypnosis is some goofy entertainment where people volunteer to go up on stage and are made to do equally goofy things such as barking like a dog, which they never remember.

Hypnosis is actually an old clinical practice for psychotherapy, extensively used by Freud, Jung and Erikson to effect core, integrative healing responses in patients.

Hypnosis Heals

Here are some of the significant results I have experienced through offering hypnotherapy to many hundreds of people in Rochester, New York through all the years of my Centering practice:

Stop smoking

Lose weight

Resolve phobias and compulsions

Heal anxiety

Erase pain

Heal significant childhood trauma including physical, mental, and sexual abuse

Achieve peak performance in sports

Jumpstart motivation

Lower blood pressure

Resolve migraines

Improve responses to many chronic illnesses including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and depression

“Imagination is Everything” – Einstein

What we dream is what our deeper consciousness wants us to become.  When we create a compelling, deeply desired daydream in an equally deeply relaxed state we reseed the subconscious to become our most powerful ally in achieving our goals.

Insight improves and evolves, creativity and motivation accelerate, and we transcend whatever gets in our way or allows dis-ease to fundamentally balance and inspire us to wellness, empowerment and achievement from a new place of ease.