Hypnosis For Healing – Benefits and A How-to Guide

An Integrative and Multidimensional Healing Practice

Hypnosis is a wonderful integrative and multidimensional healing practice that supports physiological innate healing responses, relieves pain, boosts the immunological system, and improves circulation, oxygenation and elimination.  It supports better balancing of the metabolism and all aspects of the endocrine system, and profoundly de-stresses on all levels.

Therapeutically hypnosis is an empowering self-help practice.  We know how to hypnotize ourselves, and in fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. 

Profoundly Therapeutic and Creative

Hypnosis supports and extends insight, relieves anxiety and depression, and heals emotional trauma.  It is a central practice of recovery from post-traumatic stress syndrome through regression.

It is wonderfully creative because it “floats” through opening our imaginative capacities, which allows us to transcend dis-ease.  Hypnosis builds inner strength and can deepen one’s own individual sense of spirituality and one’s own sense of one’s own unique spirit, which can “open the door” to miraculous healing responses.

A Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Regulator to Relax, Release, Recharge

Hypnosis is a primary mental, emotional, and physical regulator, and we experience its wonderful effects simply by settling back into a comfortable position, closing our eyes to remove external distractions, and allowing our breath to quite easily and naturally deepen.  There are no side effects from hypnosis. 

Hypnosis fully and extensively at a core level induces relaxation, which research tells us that fifteen minutes of a hypnosis treatment provides the equivalent of eight hours of restful sleep.  It also centers body, mind and spirit, so we feel we function at a higher, clearer and more energized level.

Five Simple Steps for Hypnosis for Healing

1.  Settle back into a comfortable position with your arms and legs uncrossed and your spine gently aligned, and imagine how easily you can allow your breath to deepen.

2.  Count to yourself five, full, deep, easy breaths, picturing your breath as an endless, rising and falling, even wave of healing, vitalizing energy washing over you – flowing everywhere throughout your mind, everywhere throughout your body.

3.  Imagine your endless, full, even breaths as an infinite ocean of body, mind and spiritual healing, enveloping you, lifting you up higher and higher; and for these next several breaths, each and every time you inhale, and each and every time you exhale, say the word healing to yourself.

4.  Now picture a peaceful, beautiful, healing place in as much detail as you can possibly imagine, and feel yourself fully drawn right into that picture – the place with you wonderfully experiencing it comes alive through seeing it, hearing the sounds, smelling it, tasting it and feeling it.

5.  Finally say to yourself, as you continue to be so relaxed and fully present in this healing universe that you have been so completely drawn into, I am healing . . . I am continuously, infinitely healing – and slowly imagine your endless, flowing breath, as you’re ready, returning you to full, waking consciousness, feeling relaxed, recharged, and released into a place of ease, rather than dis-ease


  1. Nice selfhypnosis healing routine… Selfhypnosis has done me wonders. It has releaved me of cronic pains, i’ve let go of constaining belifs about myself. It suc a nice way to relax aswell

  2. Thanks for your comment. Your clinical definition of hypnosis is interesting and descriptive. It touches on an an important part of hypnosis as a therapeutic method.

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