Top Ten Benefits of Hypnosis

A Definition

I define hypnosis as a self-directed meditative energetic healing practice that postiviely and pleasantly engages the imagination to achieve chosen goals.  Hypnosis works with inner-directed central focus and the willingness to allow the breath to deepen and regulate itself. 

One is then able to enter what in clinical terms is called a trance state, or what in lay terms might be called a "zone" or receptive state which opens a clear channel to deeper consciousness, enabling one to "plant seeds" to shift and clarify motivation at a core level to alter responses to well synchronize with deep desires.

Who Can Be Hypnotized?

Everyone, provided you are willing, which means open to the experience, and can centrally focus on the direction.  Research tells us we move into a light (sometimes a deep!) trance when we watch television or drive a car at night.  Then there’s daydreaming . . .

Here are My Top 10 Benefits:

1.  Releasing mental, emotional and physical stress

2.  Centering yourself

3.  Eliminating addictions

4.  Achieving clarity

5.  Improving self-esteem

6.  Relieving pain

7.  Developing intuition

8.  Heightening motivation

9.  Healing the past

10.  Becoming your own best Self 

A Brief How-to

Intrigued?  Settle back into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and begin to imagine how easily you can direct your breath to deepen.  Then count to yourself 10 full, deep, easy breaths.  Following, for the next several breaths you take, when you inhale, say to yourself this phrase, "Let be", and when you exhale, say to yourself this phrase, "Let go".

Picture yourself floating in your rising and falling, endlessly flowing breath so easily and lightly, like a feather.  Then say to yourself as you inhale, this phrase,  "All is well ".  As you exhale, say to yourself, "I am well, always".

Gradually return to full, waking consciouseness, and when you’re ready, open your eyes.  How do you feel?

All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis

Remember, nothing can override your innate Will.  We can choose how to direct that Will, and care for ourself to support a foundation which keeps us balanced and clear, which is the state in which optimal results occur through hypnosis. 

Einstein said "The imagination is everything".  Hypnosis is the key to unleashing your own unique infinite power to create within your core where you are free to be.

Related Questions – and Answers – from Centering

  • Does hypnotherapy successfully treat phobias?
  • Why is hypnotherapy not recommended for people with depression? What conditions can and cannot be treated by hynotherapy?
  • Does hypnotherapy work for smoking cessation?
First bullet:
Hypnotherapy is a very successful way to treat phobias.  I combine it with related therapeutic practice, and work uniquely with each individual regarding their particular situation.
Second bullet:
I have successfully used hypnotherapy to relieve a lot of the related symptomatology associated with depression such as anxiety, confusion, irritability, sleep and appetite disturbance.  I use an integrated approach focusing on therapuetic process and problem-solving with behavioral interventions, which also respond well to hypnotherapy and which additionally are self-help and empowerment practices that dramatically improve self-esteem, which typically significantly erodes with depression.  In addition, the malaise associated with depression is relieved with hypnotherapy, which energizes and uplifts the recipient.  Lastly, where depression "roots" in earlier trauma and/or is directly associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, hypnotherapy can effectively heal the core, and therefore the related symptomatology that fuels depression disappears.  All of the above conditions respond well within themselves, with or without depression as a clinical diagnosis, to hypnotherapy.
Third bullet:
Hypnotherapy works very, very well for smoking cessation, provided the individual within their own innate will wants to stop.  Whether there is ambiguity with this desire or not doesn’t matter – what does matter is that hypnotherapy will not work when a person is only looking to stop smoking because someone else wants them to do it if they really don’t want to quit at all, even if the reasons to quit are excellent.  I find, again, that what cements success is combining hypnotherapy for smoking cessation with behavioral counseling, health teaching, and related coaching.
There Are No Limits
Other than our choice and our level of consciousness.  So make your choice, create your experiment, and be open for any and all results! 

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