Women and Girls Empowerment Fable with Journaling and Guided Meditation Exercises for Healing and Development

Embark on your own amazing journey of self-discovery and transformation to have the life you deserve and desire . . .



The Merinda fable presents a little girl who is caught up in "pleasing to survive," unaware that she is cut off from being able to listen and to be her own authentic self. It presents her journey, looking within to find her way back. Then she is able to recover self-esteem and inner trust. This becomes her magic key to return to the world in which she lives, knowing she really can face and freely, creatively, respond in empowered ways to all that she finds there. Merinda discovers that bullies don't have the power to rule her life. Like Merinda, you can embrace the amazing freedom that comes from really understanding how being true to yourself can transform your life. Merinda and the Magic Mirror is a story about the power of being able to love and accept ourselves just as we are. It breaks repeated cycles of dependence and abuse. It restores independence and the potential for personal growth which continues to unfold and support self-healing. It is a story for all ages. Your Magic Mirror, the special journaling and guided meditation section, guides you through this journey of self-discovery.



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Merinda and the Magic Mirror: A Tiny Tale of Transformation for All Ages

In love and light . . . Marjorie