Complete 2010 by Restoring/Supporting Greater Balance

Can You “Dispose Of” Holiday Stressors to Better “Wrap Up” this Year?

How can we possibly come to a “peaceful end” this time of year with all the hoopla of Christmas and other major holidays that bring their own additional stressors; and then restore and support greater balance within ourselves to feel ready to start a whole fresh year?  Of course, years do seem to simply roll into each other, and yet, we understandably feel that sense of wanting closure, with year’s end fast approaching and a new one on the way, with all its mysterious new adventures.

Here is a brief but powerful journaling and guided meditation exercise to more greatly and clearly understand the unique challenges we experience in December.  You can, then, clear and release holiday stressors through facing what is happening in your life.  This becomes your “golden door” for higher energy and support to restore balance – your best gift to yourself at this pivotal time:

First Know What They Are

List your top three holiday stressors.  Then rewrite each of them as core themes – for example, if you listed money as a stressor, the core theme would be lack or limitation.

Then list, with each theme, three simple things you could do to erase it – again, with the above example, a way to treat lack is to treat yourself to something that gives you pleasure.  Commit to carrying your commitments out during this holiday season – plan at least some of the times you will do this.

The Real Core Themes of This Holiday Season

Do you think the core themes of this holiday season really are meant to be to let go, receive and share?   Would the completion of these three focuses restore and support greater balance, as well as successful closure for 2010, to best welcome the new year from a higher, freer place of choice and creation?

To that end, for the next journaling exercise settle back, take several deep, cleansing breaths and close your eyes.  Imagine your breath forms a radiant bubble of light energy that effortlessly sustains and nurtures you, lifting you up higher and higher so you can view the whole of your experience throughout this year.

Be Open And Willing And the Real Magic Will Enter

When you feel complete with your overview of this year, gradually return to full, waking consciousness and open your eyes.  With your review of this year still fresh in your mind and heart, list all the ways you’ve let go, all the things you’ve received, and all the ways you’ve shared.     

Now write the following affirmation:  I am now open and wiling to let go, receive and share – I deserve unlimited abundance.  Record whatever thoughts and feelings you experience following.  You have just greatly enhanced and elevated your inner connections to the divine power of the loving universe/All That Is to support your power to co-create your experience from a place of greater balance through this holiday season, and throughout the coming year.

I invite you to experiment with saying this affirmation to yourself every day with full and central inner focus going forward, and see what miracles happen in your life!  In this time of giving and receiving presents, determine your ability to become more greatly present with yourself and your own loving spirit as your best priority.