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Here again is the information:

Completing the Circle: How Knowing Other Lifetime Experience Clarifies Spiritual Purpose and Extends Healing and Development for Greater Inner and Outer Alignment and Universal Co-creation

When:   Two-part class meets on two Tuesdays August 12 and 27 from 7-9pm

Where:  Rochester, New York

We are multidimensional spiritual beings of consciousness adventuring in parallel existences that are exquisitely designed to evolve and complete us for greater awareness, spiritual power and holism.  In this dynamic workshop you will experience, in a small, nurturing group of like-minded “fellow travelers”, the key themes your soul has chosen to express through other lifetimes, for healing and completion.

Through these special regression, journaling and energetic practices you will be able to cross over into those parallel existences in three key journeys:

  • Into a “past” lifetime
  •  Into a “future” lifetime
  • Into another dimension of experience beyond earth existence for greater knowing, acceptance and freedom

If you have technical questions (i.e. about the registration via PayPal) contact David M. Price (web support).  Any other question can be directed to Marjorie.  There are still spots open but they are filling up!  Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. This is just to let you know that I have just registered (via PayPal) for the “Completing the Circle” two dates event Aug. 12th and 26th.
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