The Most Powerful Way to Renew Yourself

The Particular Global Challenge This Week to Celebrate the Earth’s – and Human's – Renewal

Spring is literally around the corner.  After the horrific global week that is mercifully ending so terribly with no resolution in sight, it feels like a tremendous challenge to allow ourselves to experience the unfolding, beautiful dream and miracle that is spring.

For individuals as well in so many serious, even life-threatening ways, life may not look like it holds the promise of personal renewal; and heartbreakingly as well for those nearest and dearest to us.  Is it possible to align ourselves within our inner sacred center to celebrate this ancient rite of returning to greater balance and rebirth which occurs with the Spring Equinox in just a few days?

The Irreplaceable Loss of Giving Up Your Own Authentic Personal Sacred Space

Joseph Campbell spoke with Bill Moyers back in the eighties in the PBS award-winning special of the necessity and overwhelming challenge for us now to find and stay connected to what he calls “our sacred space”.  He says it is essential one day a week to not hear any news, not be “plugged” in, in any way, to the outside world, in order to recover and be who we really are. ( Unfortunately the world seems even more compromising for us to accomplish this now-tremendous feat.)

Who doesn’t struggle with this, or simply give it all up?  We damage ourselves immensely by letting go of this essence touchstone that reflects back to us who and what we truly are, and our potentially limitless higher power.

Having No Personal Permanent Sacred Space Profoundly Risks Ourselves and Others

I believe this fundamental loss sets a hellish personal stage for addictions of all kinds, as well as unending greed and violation, both to ourselves and others, even involving those we hold nearest and dearest, entangling everyone in endless power struggles, core loss, and hopelessness.

Do you have a sacred space that literally is set up and easily available to you and no one else where you can go to breathe, enjoy, and be wholly drawn into the space of ‘no-thing’?  Ancient spiritual traditions all say this is the path of the developing master that opens up key soul dimensions to heighten awareness, enhance personal freedom, develop wisdom, and merge with  both our authentic self and our sense of the divine – “one source connection” as I repeatedly say in my guided meditations.

Recover Your Inner and Outer Sacred Space to Recover Your Personal Power and Unleashed Spirit

The above are all the phrases I consistently tell clients who tell me they have lost control over their lives, to substitute for that delusional, tangled word control– personal power, freedom to choose, and heightened awareness – to regain their true and real higher selves – and raise their vibration to experience multidimensional healing and transformation.  Consider, then: can you commit and determine to make this spring – in ancient days called the Equinox – be your personal time to renew yourself, your body, your mind, and your spirit – through setting up your own sacred space, or spaces – to recover divine power to experience and support the greater good?

No wonder there is no peace in the world!  How can there be peace when we keep ourselves from finding it within and have no space to allow it, to experience it?

Top Ten Tips to Transform Yourself and Renew Your Life

Here are my top ten tips for putting yourself in sacred space and tuning in to the indestructible vibrational frequency of your unfolding heart, your clearing mind, your emptied, flexible gut, and your flaming soul:

1.  Spend at least ten uninterrupted minutes a day settling back in a relaxed, aligned and supportive position, eyes closed, fully and easily deepening your breath; and then, as you continue to breathe, say to yourself the word “spirit” several times, visioning how you fully call your spirit to you and merge into your own inner sacred space to just be there now.

2.  Play at least several times a week with animals and/or children and/or stuffed animals and /or an instrument and/or make and color a mandala, or any design you wish to make within a large circle to freely, creatively express yourself.

3.  If at all possible, every day or as many times as you can prioritize, go to a pleasant space in nature for at least a half hour, and sit/walk, and “drink it all up”.

4.  Journal five or more minutes a day, including how you feel in that moment and your vision for a renewed, peaceful life.

5.  Ask your sense of the divine every day for peace and healing for yourself and your loved ones.

6.  Thank your sense of the divine every day for at least ten blessings in your life – whatever you are truly grateful for (these can endlessly be repeated; and if you feel you can’t think of anything start with the sun).

7.  Dance alone for at least ten minutes to music you love.

8.  Write a love letter to yourself.

9.  Write a love letter to who you truly love (this may be a person who has passed on).

10. Ask your sense of the divine to help you forgive __________________________ – and especially yourself.

Happy Sacred Soul Space, Personal Renewal, and Spring!  In love and light – Marjorie

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