About Centering Tools

What is Centering Tools?

It’s a long developing set of tools that I’ve been honing and developing in this practice since 1987.

It began as an offshoot to the women’s spirituality groups I ran part time in the late 1980s and since then I’ve developed an integrative, empowering, and self-transforming counseling and coaching practice. 

Self-healing and development within a holistic, integrative counseling and supportive practice – since 1987

Centering Tools™  for Self-healing and Development is a holistic, integrative counseling and coaching practice.

designed to teach recovery, empowerment, and personal growth tools for self transformation and achievement.

Marjorie Baker Price, community health/psychiatric nurse clinician, certified hypnotherapist and level III Reiki Master founded Centering Tools in 1987 and continues to practice from Rochester NY.

Centering Tools™ offers services to individuals, couples, families, adults as well as children; women’s empowerment groups, workshops, training/coaching for organizations and related products. 

This website is intended to:

· Serve as an information hub for topics within the scope of Marjorie’s expertise and credentials, such as hypnosis, meditation, reiki, alternative health practices, women’s spirituality and other supportive techniques

· Allow customers to purchase Centering Tools™ products, including hypnosis and relaxation audio products, digital goods, meditation and journaling guides, and more! (Click here for product information, and technical help)

· Give access to self-healing, and personal growth practices to anyone with an Internet connection via the free bimonthly Centering newsletter, the hundreds of articles Marjorie has written.

· Provide information about Marjorie’s services, groups and workshops, including free initial phone consultation 

More information about Centering Tools™:

For more information about Marjorie Baker Price, visit the About Marjorie page.

You can also download a PDF informational sheet

PDF – Informational handout about Marjorie Baker Price and Workshop Presentations
PDF – Informational Handout for New Clients
PDF – Download What is Centering Tools 


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