Rules to Live By for a Happy, Healthy 2008

Taking Stock in the Midst of Crises

Happy, healthy new year!  2008 promises to be a significant year, with the upcoming presidential election and much, much more. 

On an individual level, I find myself once again "taking stock" in the midst of some family crises which I don’t see "re-solutions" for at the moment.  I do see how they have spurred me on in a whole other way to think about partnership and Rules to Live By.

How to Live Your Life

I am very lucky to have a tremendously loving, equally emotionally mature, spiritual partner with whom I live.  She happens to be my youngest child, 15 going on about 500-plus in how evolved she is.  I found myself feeling tremendously moved today as we were (where else?) refueling ourselves after browsing around Barnes & Noble with a Starbucks, as I call it, to ask her what her Rules to Live By are.

Of course she was confused – a good state to be in, according to my Rules, because at least confusion allows one to be open to all presentations, thoughts, and feelings.  I explained what I really wanted to know was how she lived her life.  Her face brightened, and as she began talking, I began scribbling notes.  My face brightened to, as, for the umpteenth time, I wondered how it was that I birthed this shining light in the world.

Without further ado, here they are, for your "re-solution" pleasure, and all my heartfelt wishes for peace, happiness and fulfillment in the new year:

Her Rules

1.   Always be yourself

2. Do what you want to do in life

3.  Find people you have things in common with, and share and have fun with them

4.  Accept people for who they are

5.  Treat people with love, kindness and respect

6.  Have and show empathy to other people

7.  We are responsible to help the world – decide how you want to help, and do it

8.  The test of having a good friend is how well they unconditionally listen to and accept your feelings

9.  Different parts of responsibility come with age – look to not choose stupidly or dangerously

10. Create your dream with joy

To pass along the note I found a week after my husband died, in his handwriting:

En-Joy Life

I think Her Rules offer the foundation to manifest that directive.  Happy experimenting – fruitful results, and much, much love and light to open the way this year and all years.