Women’s Spirituality – A New Call for Wholism

A Call for the Divine Feminine

Beyond tens of thousands of years ago, say archaeological findings for the past several decades, instead of worshiping a God, we worshiped a Goddess.  It is interesting to note that we still call the earth "Mother", and, as global warming spreads its terrible alarm, we are, perhaps, driven again to further recover women’s spirituality, or the divine feminine, to heal and empower ourselves to once again become caring stewards of the earth.

To me this phrase returns to us all the understanding that our own authentic sense of spirituality equally empowers, uplifts and supports expanded holism.  The word "Goddess" is, of course, composed of two syllables – words in and of themselves, which sound like "God" and "us". 

The Self as Freed, Fully Integrated Male and Female

I love these messages as metaphors in the English language.  So you mean to tell me that our authentic infinite spirits are "God (in) Us"?

Carl Jung said there is an inner male and female spirit in each one of us.  When we stopped primarily worshipping the Goddess, or Great Mother, as She was called, and primarily worshiped a patriarchal God, we lost an essential divine half of ourselves.

The Regained Divine Feminine Trinity

Women, of course, became, and still are in many places in the world, treated as legally "less than" men – essentially men’s property.  Women’s spirituality is a recovery therapy to, in our core, regain the divine feminine to be free to once again determine our human right to be fully accepted, affirmed, acknowledged and understood equally as evidence of "God-in-us". 

The Goddess never left us – she was just forced underground.  In these ancient days when we worshipped a Goddess and not a God, the divine feminine trinity was expressed through Maiden, Mother and Crone. 

We Must Embrace Women’s Spirituality for Planetary Survival

Stripped of power and rights through thousands of years of a designated patriarchal spiritual global culture, the archetypal Maiden was an object to be seduced, Mother was she who sacrificed to bear children, and Crone was she to be feared and discarded. 

In ancient days Maiden was the multidimensional free "rose in bloom", Mother was the personification of the Great Mother, and Crone was the wise, powerful Grandmother-Priestess.  Can we come full circle to embrace this feminist spirituality for our own, and the Earth’s survival?

A Goddess Meditation

Of course I have a little guided meditation for you to experiment with to meet, within your own core, the Goddess.  Settle back, close your eyes, and deepen your breath.

Imagine your breath carrying you to your heart, which opens like a beautiful flower.  Place your hand over your heart, and say "God – us", three times.

Your Divine Feminine Spirituality Gift of Recovery

When you’re ready, let your hand fall back comfortably at your side, and open your eyes.  Say out loud, "I am God-us".

Record your experience, through this inner visioning exercise, of divine feminine spirituality.  Consider how you are moved to carry it out – and back – to a hurting world as your gift of recovery.