The “Center” of Centering®

The Lost Art of Listening

The “center” of centering
is listening without agenda.  Listening is a lost art in the world. 
We are not taught the essentials of the art of listening in our culture. 
Instead we are told in many significant ways that are tied to how our
culture determines its sources of power that we must listen and defer
to them. 

This is not listening – it
is reacting out of fear, stemming from a kind of psychic interference
that seems to threaten our survival.


The Art of Listening 

The art of listening involves
unconditionally accepting and being wholly attentive to what is being
communicated, while being both resonant and detached from it. 
So listening requires being able to fully hear and freely respond to
a communication that is offered. 

Listening is a two-way street
that is meant to be equal.  No expectation or assumption can be
part of the art of listening.  One must be able to continue to
honor one’s own authentic sense of integrity, allowing a response
to occur from this quite naturally.

Listening Comes from Inner

Listening creates and comes
from inner space and silence.  This inner silence, and the expanded
spiritual space that it offers, erases conditioning and fear as it restores
trust and creative power.  It is how we can lovingly connect with
our own and others’ spirits. 

When was the last time you
simply sat and listened to yourself without fear, expectation, assumption
or judgment?  Settle back, close your eyes, and let your breath
naturally deepen. 

This is How You Create Inner

Observe your sensations, while
gently focusing on the rhythms of your deepening breath.  Imagine
there is a great void inside of you that holds inner silence. 
Let yourself go into this vast center.

Here is where you can listen
to yourself – your spirit, as it speaks to you.  Here is where
you are also free to listen to others as a gift.  This is the two-way
street, or fully opened channel, of being present.

It is the Exclusive Place
Where Love Exists

We cannot offer to others what
we aren’t able to experience.  Practice listening to yourself. 
Accelerate your ability by journaling, or recording, your reflective
experiences, such as the exercise above. 

Be prepared to receive many
miracles, including opportunities for self-healing, empowerment, creating
your heart’s desires, and going beyond yourself to offer an amazing
service to someone in need.       

A Guided Meditation to Receive

Settle back, close your eyes
and take five, full, deep, easy breaths. Now continue to breathe deeply
and easily. For these next several breaths, each and every time you
exhale, complete to yourself the following sentence:

I let go of __________________________________.

Then imagine, as you next inhale
deeply and fully, taking in unending bright light that fills you up
so that you feel yourself floating.  Imagine, as well, how you
can ask that unending energy source to reveal to you what it is.

Simply receive, and wholeheartedly
accept, its response. 

Then say to yourself: 
I wholeheartedly receive______________.

Open your eyes and commit to
making one choice today that you feel draws this choice you  have made
to receive into your life . . .

And open yourself for many
related wonderful gifts in many areas of your life!