Newsletter FAQ

This is intended to answer some of your general questions about the Centering Tools newsletter we send out. 

I just signed up for the newsletter at your website, but am receiving a confirmation email, how come?

The second email you receive will ask you to opt-in or confirm again your subscription.  This is more or less standard practice to make sure that e-mail is used responsibly from vendors.  The confirmation email constitutes proof of intent from the subscriber so that everyone is awarded another opportunity to consent to receive regular email communication from us. 

This is known as double opt-in, and it sets an ethical standard for internet marketing in general.  Nobody likes to be spammed, and this is the remedy.

How many emails will I be receiving from you, and/or how frequently will be you sending them out?

Starting on April 3, 2009, any new subscriber will be emailed a series of articles that are extremely valuable and represent the essential therapeutic practices which Centering (TM) has been using locally in Rochester, NY since the late 1980’s.

Obviously we wanted to extend this series of articles to everyone, including anyone who’s been a subscriber since before this date. So don’t worry, we’ve already sent you the first of these free informational articles.

Subscribers will receive several emails right off the bat, about 3 times a week.  After the first batch, we send out new newsletters a couple times a month. We hope to provide you with great value and the most important thing you can do is provide feedback. 

I want to leave feedback but don’t want to comment on your blog, how can I let my opinion be heard?

Emailing is a great way to tell us how we’re doing.  Or if you’re more interested in wanting to receive additional explanation, if something wasn’t clear in the techniques you’ve read about from our newsletter, please don’t hesitate to email Marjorie at [email protected].

I signed up as a subscriber but haven’t received anything yet, and it’s been a few days.  What happened and what should I do?

First off, if you haven’t received any kind of communication but you did in fact sign up, please email web support and tell us right away.  We guarantee a response within 1-2 business days. 

Please also check your spam filters.  It’s unfortunate that e-marketers’ past abuse of email has led to a significant tightening of email security such that spam filters are probably a bit too tight these days. 

Thus, the most likely explanation for you not receiving any communication after signing up is that your email account’s spam filter mistakenly identified our emails as spam. Unless spam is exemplified in sharing free meditation,  hypnosis, and guided imagery techniques to help you with your daily stressors, you can be rest assured that we are not spam.

I want to unsubscribe. How do I do that?

At that bottom of every email you receive there is an unsubscribe link.  Just hit that link and you’ll be automatically deleted from our directory.